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Team Group announces new DDR5 memory

Team Group announces new DDR5 memory made for creators with a new cooling design

Team Group is a world-leading memory manufacturer (here for more information on the company’s website). Founded in 2020 by Team Group, T-CREATE has a fundamental mission. That is to provide reliable, powerful and large storage solutions to the creators of all domains. Whether it’s a graphic designer who works with visuals or a video content creator who captures memories, T-CREATE is committed to delivering products with three elements. Reliability, powerful performance and aesthetics in this era of total digitization. Allow T-CREATE to join hands with creators around the world to create exceptional digital content from their wildest imaginations.

The company is now fully embracing the new generation DDR5 offering products that meet a wide range of user needs. In this case, T-CREATE, the Team Group label aimed at content creators, is launching two new products. There RAM DDR5 per desktop EXPERT and the RAM DDR5 per laptop CLASSIC SO-DIMM to serve the booming digital content market and join hands with digital content creators around the world to usher in the next generation.

Team Group announces new DDR5 memory

Technical details on the new DDR5 memory

The RAM DDR5 per desktop EXPERT unlike DDR4 iteration, T-CREATE uses a dedicated DDR5 cooling module and an all-new cooling fin design. This is to enhance cooling in high-intensity applications and ensure that digital content creators can continue to experience high-speed performance at ideal operating temperatures. Digital content creators demand high performance and large capabilities. EXPERT DDR5 has the specifications to reach speeds up to 5600 MHz and dual-channel options available in 16 GB x2 o 32 GB x2. Quche can satisfy any multi-tasking need and dramatically improve the creative experience.

In addition to desktop DDR5 RAM, T-CREATE also launched the RAM DDR5 CLASSIC SO-DIMM Laptop for digital content creators who work with laptops. CLASSIC SO-DIMM Laptop DDR5 RAM is 16 GB single channel capable of delivering speeds up to 5600 MHz. The high-speed and large-capacity specifications can guarantee they can let creators go wild with their imagination. The standard working voltage in the CLASSIC SO-DIMM DDR5 has been reduced from 1,2 V a 1,1 V of the DDR4 iteration. The more energy efficient specification consumes less power from the laptop and extends battery life. The CLASSIC SO-DIMM DDR5 is made for creators who are always on the go and helps them build the perfect mobile workstation.

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