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Nacon Connect 2022: all the announcements between new games and accessories

Several new announcements were made at Nacon Connect 2022, presenting new games and also revealing several new accessories to users

In recent days, Nacon Connect 2022 took place, an event promoted by the technology and video game company belonging to the BIGBEN group and born in 2019 which, for some years now, through a live streaming gives space to some of the most exciting announcements for fans of peripherals, hardware, games and accessories with a gaming theme, and thanks to this, users can participate comfortably from home, by connecting to the live online enjoying all the news planned for the next few years.

Seeing the role the pandemic has played in making presentations more and more digital, and how many companies now much prefer to continue practicing them in this way rather than returning to the big “fairs”, Nacon also appears to be determined to stick around. ride the wave of this new trend, to introduce their games to more and more gamers and technology enthusiasts. Gathering his 16 development studios, AA video game publishing and peripheral design and distribution gaming, Nacon focuses 30 years of experience in serving players. So let’s see what was the news of this year’s conference.

Nacon Connect 2022: announcements of games and new accessories

The most recent edition of Nacon Connect once again reaffirmed the publisher’s great ambitions, while also showing one great variety of videogame genres in progress, between RPGs, action-adventure, simulation titles, sports, racing and shooter. In addition to them, there has also been space to satisfy the needs of the most demanding players, with the expansion of the range of accessories on all platforms. At Nacon Connect 2022 the behind the scenes of Nacon were unveiled, and the public also discovered the first gameplay images of some titles and even their release date, as well as announcements of new games and accessories.

Here is a list of the new games coming up:

  • Crown Wars: The Black Prince (Artefacts studio): 2023
  • • Ravenswatch (Passtech Games): early access 2023
  • • Survival game in the Terminator universe (title not announced) (Nacon Studio Milan)
  • • ParadiZe Project (EKO Software): 2023
  • • Gangs of Sherwood (Appeal studio): 2023
  • • Session: Skate Sim (Crea-ture Studios): 22 September 2022
  • • WRC Generations (KT Racing): 13 ottobre 2022
  • • Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown (KT Racing): 2023
  • • To the Infinity (Hekate): 20 April 2023
  • • Clash: Artifacts of Chaos (Ace Team): 9 febbraio 2023
  • • The Lord of the RingsTM: GollumT TM (Daedalic Entertainment): 1 settembre 2022
  • • Steelrising (Spiders): 8 settembre 2022
  • • Blood Bowl 3 (Cyanide):  2022
  • • Hell is Us (Rogue Factor): 2023
  • • RoboCop: Rogue City (Teyon): June 2023
  • • War Hospital (Brave Lamb): 2023
  • • Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator (Cyanide): February 2, 2023

The new accessories shown during the conference:

  • • NACON Pro Compact ColorLight: 2022
  • • NACON Revolution X Pro Controller
  • • NACON Daija Arcade Stick – PlayStation™5: 2022
  • • RIG PRO Series 300, 500 e 800 : 2022

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