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Team play as a useful tool for entrepreneurs in business development

A new research commissioned by Visasponsor of the UEFA Women’s EURO 2022notes that playing team sports can help accelerate business growth. Let’s find out all the details together.

Visa, sponsor of UEFA Women’s EURO 2022 and the team play report

The report “Women’s empowerment on and off the pitch” underlines Visa’s commitment to improve footballpromoting theexcellencel’equality and theinclusion of women throughout the economic sector. According to Visa research, more than three quarters of women who play team sports claims this had a positive impact on business.

Visa highlights how the soft skills acquired through team sports they can help women entrepreneurs reach their full potential.

Sport fosters resilience, teamwork and trust

Many of the barriers that limit women and girls in sport often correspond to those that stand for them economically hinder. The advancement of women entrepreneurs could give a boost to 4.8 trillion euros to the global economy and Visa research reveals what skills learned in the field they can also help women grow.

According to Visa’s research, women who play team sports feel like it more comfortable relying on networks of personal relationships in case you need support. Respondents say they are more likely to:

  • To say that mentoring and business consultancy are “very important” (41% versus 33%);
  • Thinking that mental and emotional health support is important (68% vs 62%);
  • Believing that support in caregiving is important (41% vs 34%).

Furthermore, many of the interviewees reveal that the self-confidence seems to be one of the biggest obstacles to women’s progress. However, Visa’s research shows how, by playing team sports, female entrepreneurs learn skills and develop personal networks that they increase their confidence e strengthen leadership. In fact, 38% of Italian women entrepreneurs who practice team sports consider themselves to be a good leaderagainst an average of 29%.

The players talk about business

As part of its commitment to digitally enable 8 million small businesses in Europe, Visa puts i small business owners take center stage. Its goal is to highlight the important role they play in empower our communities ed economy.

In support of this, Visa is launching a series of “Team Talks” with leading female football professionals and businesswomen, to initiate a open conversation about the secret of their success. Finally, Visa also supports players through The Second Halfa development program that helps women plan their careers beyond the football field.

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