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One-Punch Man: Serious sneeze and end of the fight with Garou

The last chapter of One-Punch Man sees Saitama show off increasingly absurd techniques, completing the fight against Cosmic Garou and the saga of the monster association

Serious Sneeze, a fart to travel from Jupiter to Earth, and a fist that travels through time. The new chapter of Murata’s One-Punch Man, the 168reaches new heights of comic madness.

We have arrived at the final act of the confrontation between our hero and Garou, in Cosmic version thanks to the power given to it by the mysterious God. In turn, the fight represents the culmination of the monster association saga, which saw heavyweights from both sides come into play.

In fact, if they fought for the monsters re Orochi e Platinum Spermfor the heroes he made his appearance Blastthe number 1 S-chest, equipped with space manipulation powers and portals.

Saitama and Garou ended up unleashing their power on a moon of Jupiter, destroyed by the bald hero, who then sneezed on the gas planet, revealing its core in a devastating attack.

One-Punch Man: Serious sneeze and end of the fight with Garou

Problems with animating One-Punch Man

Since the sensei Yusuke Murata took over the work of ONE, turned it into a manga of amazing visual impact. The entire saga of the monster association is filled with images of planetary-scale disasters. Tornado mining Psychosis from the earth, Saitama dividing the waters of the oceans, and now the clash on Io, the moon of Jupiter.

Murata, taking advantage of digital publication, has even used innovative tools for his manga. Not just color pages, but GIF in movement. Jokingly, fans say the sensei is training to personally animate the anime’s new season.

It is no mystery in fact that the One-Punch Man anime, after the excellent first season, has suffered a decline after the change of hands between studies in the second. Now, the third season is late in coming, and some think that no animation studio feels like taking on this titanic project.

In the meantime, we will continue to enjoy Murata’s art, thanking the day he decided to give a new look to ONE’s masterpiece.