TEAMGROUP: here is the T-FORCE SIREN GD360E heatsink

TEAMGROUP: here is the T-FORCE SIREN GD360E heatsink

TEAMGROUP releases the liquid cooler for ARGB T-FORCE SIREN GD360E All-in-One CPU, let’s find out together in detail

TEAMGROUP not only continues to provide classic products, but also delivers design completely new. After last year’s launch of the classic liquid CPU cooler ARGB SIREN GD240/GD240E All-in-One, that aroused a stir worldwide, TEAMGROUP introduces the liquid cooler for CPU ARGB T-FORCE SIREN GD360E All-in-One ARGBcon waterblock ARGB and radiators both with elegant a two-tone mirror.

The cooler is equipped with three ARGB fans high speed and supports various ilightingallowing consumers to build ARGB systems unique e high beams as they wish. Also, the performance thermal have been significantly improved to provide the best cooling down possible.

TEAMGROUP: here is the T-FORCE SIREN GD360E heatsink


Il T-FORCE SIREN GD360E ARGB it is a liquid cooler all-in-one da 360 mm that excels both inappearance than in the function. Its eye catching and elegant waterblock with black and white mirror finish is coupled to three powerful high-rpm fans. The cooler is also compatible with lighting software such as ASUS Aura Sync, ASROCK-Polychrome Sync, BIOSTAR Advanced VIVID LED DJ, GIGABYTE RGB Fusion 2.0, MSI Mystic Light Sync and more, giving gamers the freedom to create their own striking, multi-colored ARGB system.

It also features a waterblock in aluminum with a base in coppera high-density jet-fin heat sink and pumps that run at a high speed of 4000 giri / min. Fans also support PWM (Pulse Width Modulation), an intelligent fan control method that can adjust the rotation speed according to the temperature to achieve the best cooling results. A deviation from older water block designs is the placement of the water pump inside the radiator, which reduces CPU wear and noise.

TEAMGROUP: here is the T-FORCE SIREN GD360E heatsink

TEAMGROUP: high-level components

The ARGB T-FORCE SIREN GD360E cooler is equipped with pumps ultra powerful which run at a speed of 4000 giri / minoffering exceptional cooling efficiency e low noise levels. The pump is combined with bearing fans fluid dynamicsallowing the cooler to be able to keep noise low even at high speeds, to allow gamers to enjoy the beautiful lighting ARGB and outstanding performance without distractions.

In addition to having a perfect compatibility with the numerous socket Intel e AMD existing, the new liquid cooler also supports the latest sockets Intel LGA 1700 e AMD AM5. The smartly designed and meticulously crafted T-FORCE SIREN GD360E ARGB All-in-One Liquid CPU Cooler gives consumers the absolute flexibility to create their own custom configurations. For more information, visit the dedicated website.

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