Twitch: cut payments to incoming streamers?

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The best streamers of Twitch are expressing their anger regarding the plans Amazon to increase profits by cutting payments in its partnership program. As reported by Bloomberg, Twitch is considering a number of changes to increase the revenue it collects from its most popular streamers. These include encouraging streamers to run more ads; reduce the revenue share for streamers from 70% to 50% and the introduction of a new revenue sharing system.

Twitch cuts payments to streamers?

As a concession to give content creators more freedom, Twitch could free partners from exclusivity clauses, allowing them to stream on rivals like YouTube and Facebook. Bloomberg pointed out that updates to the partnership program are not finalized and could be sidelined in the coming months and Twitch itself hasn’t posted any comments on the matter.

In response, many streamers said the proposed changes would make it very difficult for content creators to find their space on the platform, forcing them to switch to rival platforms. Others, however, have noted that Twitch lacks serious competition in the streaming world, allowing the company to do as it sees fit, in its target industry.

According to the TwitchTracker data platform, the Amazon-owned streaming service currently has around 51,000 people in its partnership program and it is quite credible that if the company actually moved in this direction, it would create several inconveniences for professional streamers, some of them. they would most likely leave the platform.