TEAMGROUP: Introducing the new T-CREATE DDR5 memories

TEAMGROUP: presentate le nuove memorie DDR5 T-CREATE

TEAMGROUP presents the new DDR5 memory T-CREATE EXPERT and CLASSIC DDR5 for desktops and T-CREATE CLASSIC DDR5 for laptops. With world-class performance and world-class capabilities to unleash limitless creativity

T-CREATE, the creator series of TEAMGROUP, present the new DDR5 memory. Let’s talk about T-CREATE EXPERT DDR5 Desktop Memory, T-CREATE CLASSIC DDR5 Desktop Memory and T-CREATE CLASSIC DDR5 Laptop Memory. DDR5 memories (here for more info) fully adapted to the needs of the creators. Featuring a variety of frequency specifications from 5,200 to 6,400 MHz and a maximum storage capacity of 32GB per module. The newly launched products offer a smooth experience for creators working on 4K/8K ultra-high resolution video editing, software and professional 3D illustration system. As well as multitasking on their desktop and laptop computers.

TEAMGROUP: Introducing the new T-CREATE DDR5 memories

Details on TEAMGROUP’s new T-CREATE DDR5 memory

Built specifically for complex and heavy computing needs. T-CREATE EXPERT DDR5 Desktop memory is available in 6400 MHz and 6000 MHz ultra-high frequency options. Coupled with low latency specifications, it delivers outstanding performance and unprecedented stability to fully support complex operations. As well as the processing needs in professional 3D rendering and long-form ultra-high-resolution video editing. The creators can guarantee the authenticity and optimal quality of each frame.


T-CREATE CLASSIC DDR5 desktop memory is available in 6000 MHz and 5600 MHz specifications. Instead, CLASSIC DDR5 laptop memory offers frequencies of 5600 MHz and 5200 MHz. Allowing users to fully accelerate their creative experience on desktop computers, laptops, mini PCs and advanced multi-core memory expansions for laptops. By drastically reducing wait times for file transfers, they are the ultimate tool for creative multitasking in professional video editing. As well as in image processing and visual design.

TEAMGROUP: Introducing the new T-CREATE DDR5 memories


One-piece porous anodized aluminum alloy plate for heat dissipation and professional thermal silicone to quickly reduce the temperature. This solves the problem of heat generated by high-speed processing with EXPERT and CLASSIC DDR5 Desktop memories.

Meanwhile, CLASSIC DDR5 laptop memory is made from an ultra-thin graphene-metal composite material. This offers the best heat transfer solution for small installation spaces. All three new DDR5 products are equipped with a 10-layer board. They also feature a custom high-temperature resistant capacitor and strictly selected high-quality integrated circuit. The system is capable of running stably on computationally heavy tasks during the creative process, providing peace of mind for the creators.

TEAMGROUP: Introducing the new T-CREATE DDR5 memories


T-CREATE EXPERT DDR5 Desktop, T-CREATE CLASSIC DDR5 Desktop and T-CREATE CLASSIC DDR5 Laptop memories are available in capacities of 2x16GB and 2x32GB to meet different needs of creators. For North American consumers, will be available on Amazon in early February 2023.

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