Henry Cavill will no longer be Superman: a reboot soon

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Clamorous news launched by James Gunn: Henry Cavill will no longer be Superman and soon there will be a reboot of the man of steel

Henry Cavill hasn’t really found peace lately. Following his farewell to The Witcher, the actor has also been relieved of the mantle of Superman. The news was given by James Gunn, the new chief strategist of DC cinema, and confirmed by Cavill himself: the actor will not return in the role of the man of steel. A news that is incredible considering also the return of the actor in the post-credit scene of Black Adam and that Cavill didn’t take very well. The actor stressed how difficult it was for him to break the news, especially after the studio told him in October to announce his return as Superman. Sensational about-face, however, of DC, which completely changes the plans for the fate of the son of Krypton.

Henry Cavill and the future of DC

A difficult news to digest, which has literally shocked the fans. The explanation of the choice was given by James Gunn himself, who on Twitter told how he and Peter Safran have a list to restart the DC cinematic universe and among the new plans there is also a reboot of Superman. The story of the man of steel will start from the earlier stages of Clark Kent’s life, for this reason Superman will not be played by Henry Cavill. However, James Gunn had said that there had been an interview with the actor in which he talked about future projects.

In short, Gunn has not closed the door to a return of Cavill, but the actor’s post on Twitter greatly discourages the hypothesis of his return. After the farewell to The Witcher, this is certainly a blow for the actor and his fans: we’ll see how Cavill restarts and in which projects we’ll see him.

DC plans

At this point, DC’s future in the cinema becomes even more nebulous and intriguing. As always, we will keep you updated with all the upcoming news in this regard.

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