TEAMGROUP presents the first industrial DDR5-5600

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TEAMGROUP has announced its first high performance industrial DDR5-5600

In response to the evolution of memory platform specifications Industrial DDR5the global memory brand TEAMGROUP used its exceptional research and development capabilities to develop its new memory modules. In fact, he launched the first memory modules U-DIMM, SO-DIMM, Industrial DDR5 ECC-DIMM and R-DIMM with a clock of 5.600 MHz speed, a 1,1 V. They are expected to meet the diverse needs of next-generation platforms, Intel Raptor Lake e AMD Raphael-X. With high performance specifications in line with JEDEC standards, accelerating the development of high-end industrial applications.

TEAMGROUP presents the first industrial DDR5-5600

Technical details of the first industrial DDR5-5600

TEAMGROUP (here for more info) has made great strides in the industrial market for years and focuses on DDR5 memory applications. The company had previously developed a full range of modules 4,800 MHz DDR5 and nowThanks to its industry-leading research and development, TEAMGROUP has successfully increased the frequencies of its DDR5 product line to 5.600 MHz. For added security in industrial applications, a write protection function has also been adopted SPD. This prevents changes to the SPD parameters caused by abnormal interference. With these improvements, the risk of shutdown is significantly reduced and the memory is able to function with substantially improved performance and stability.

In addition, TEAMGROUP announced the first “DDR5 Industrial Smart Alert Memory Module”, which combines lighting effects RGB and a warning sound system for industrial applications. It can adjust the temperature parameters according to the different environmental needs of industrial equipment users. But it also allows users to track equipment and operating status with sound and light effects provided by its intelligent sensing system. This with three RGB lighting modes: Warning, Notification and Reminder. These new capabilities are the ideal support system for the new generation of automated industrial manufacturing equipment and applications.

T.R.U.S.T. tecnologie

TEAMGROUP’s industrial DDR5 memory uses T.R.U.S.T. tecnologie. The acronym stands for Temperature, Robust, Unique, Smart and Trust and represent the innovative features that allow TEAMGROUP’s memory to fully satisfy the needs of increasingly diverse industrial applications. Such as, AIoT, 5G ed edge computing. TEAMGROUP is committed to providing improved performance and different features by offering a variety of products with excellent stability and reliability. With the global technological environment and the changing market, TEAMGROUP will meet the needs of consumers by releasing more innovative and cutting-edge industrial storage solutions.

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