Tech is Woman MediaWorld: the training project aimed at women

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MediaWorld come back with Tech is Womanthe training project for the dissemination of disciplines STEM among Italian girls. Let’s find out all the details together.

Tech is Womand, the MediaWorld project

MediaWorldon the occasion of World Women’s Day, reconfirms its support to GirlsTechthe initiative for the promotion of gender equality through events and educational activities, carried out by SYXa non-profit association for the diffusion of new information technologies.

Tech is Woman is the free training project that brings together young women in 4 groups, with different age groups: from 7 to 15 yearswith a total duration of over 4 months and for a total of 32 coursesor 8 courses for each age group.

Each training path is characterized by a common structure, through the teaching of 4 main subjects: coding, programming, APP development and gaming. Each of these subjects is then carried out on two different levels of complexity: first base then advanced.

The new courses for 2022 are inspired by the idea of ​​’swimming in the digital ocean’ and to provide an EU-recommended framework of competences. The courses will offer activities capable of developing areas of digital skill, soft skill he was born in digital wellbeing. The courses, delivered by GirlsTech and taught by professionals, will cover some of the most current topics. We will talk about video game programming but also about app development and much more.

For more information on the course and how to register, you can consult the official website.

The 2022 goals

The main goal of this 2022 is to deliver suitable tools to pursue digital paths e technological. We also want to concretely support, through training, i female talents. The initiative is part of the activities carried out daily to associate the concept of the brand “Made especially for me” the value of inclusiveness within a broader commitment to policies Diversity e Inclusion.

MediaWorld also recently obtained Italy’s Best Employers for Women 2022 following a research based on 2.5 million comments online in relation to the working environment for women. To the Tech is Woman project, MediaWorld supports a celebratory campaign aimed at eliminating prejudices through the telling of five stories of women who have managed to emerge and stand out in fields usually attributed to men.

Five women who have overturned stereotypes

  • Chiara Rota – the place of women is in the kitchen.
    • Chiara, 35 years, created a startup that brings Italian food and quality cuisine to homes around the world. With a degree in computer science and an engineering degree, she is now the founder and CEO of MyCookingBox. It is a startup that offers instructions and quality raw materials to make Italian dishes even abroad.
  • Margherita Maiuri – women are obsessed with physical appearance.
    • Margherita, 35 yearsis obsessed with physics to discover how to imitate nature through technology. Graduated from the Milan Polytechnic in Physical Engineering, PhD in Physics, postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Chemistry Department of Princeton University. She has won several awards and continues her research and mom work.
  • Giulia Bassani – women are less ambitious and that’s why they don’t aim high.
    • Giulia, 22 years oldpoints even higher, precisely to the space and to become an astronaut. Astro Giulia for her followers is one of the under 30 “Visionaries” of the Visionary Days. Aerospace engineering student and writer with an astronaut future. Giulia is also the assistant of the National Coordinator for the World Space Week.
  • Paola Allamano – women’s mood changes unpredictably.
    • Paola, 43 years oldcreated a startup with which prevent weather effects of climate change. Engineer for the environment and for the territory, he has a PhD in Hydraulic Engineering at the Polytechnic of Turin. Here he carried out post-doc teaching and research activities in the fields of hydrology, environmental moderation and statistics. She is co-founder and CEO of WaterViewa software solution that uses vision tools to represent atmospheric phenomena.
  • Greta Galli – little girls prefer to play with dolls.
    • Greta, 19 years, he preferred to play with bricks and made them become a robot. The first robot she built all by herself dates back to middle school. At 16 she builds and assembles Cyborg3his cybernetic hand made with Arduino. Today she is a computer science student and a tech influencer on social media where she is known as “the robot girl”.
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