Technics annuncia due nuovi auricolari, AZ80 e AZ60M2 thumbnail

Technics announces two new headsets, AZ80 and AZ60M2

Technics announces two really interesting new earphone models for music lovers: AZ80 (EAH-AZ80) e AZ60M2 (EAH-AZ60M). These earphones offer a effective noise cancellation, a long-lasting battery, wireless charging and connection to three devices simultaneously. Also, thanks to the feature JustMyVoice, allow you to make calls with crisp and clean audio. Here’s everything you need to know about these really cool true wireless headphones.

Technics AZ80 and AZ60M2, the new headphones for music lovers

The earphones have a refined and ergonomic design, with seven sizes of tips to fit your ear. They are designed to accompany us in every moment of the day, from work to sport, passing through relaxation, above all thanks to the light design and the important autonomy.

The new Technics True Wireless earphones want to take full advantage of the company’s over 55 years of experience, focusing on Hi-Fi audio for excellent listening quality. The AZ80 model is the top of the range and features an innovative 10mm freeboard aluminum diaphragm. It reproduces crystal clear audio by extending the response to high and low frequencies and minimizing unwanted resonance and distortion phenomena.

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Both models have an acoustic box that regulates the air flow to give a naturalness to voices and other mid-range sounds. This allows you to take advantage of powerful bass and act as a harmonizer to balance the high frequencies. Sounds are dynamic, distortion is low. Also thanks to the support for high-resolution audio with technology Bluetooth e LDAC.

Noise cancellation and Multipoint technology

technics az80 minAZ80

Technics has equipped the AZ80 and AZ60M2 models with exclusive technology Hybrid noise cancellation which takes advantage of a software digital filter and feedforward microphone. This way, noise outside the earphones is blocked, while the feedback mic and analog hardware eliminate noise inside.

The level of noise cancellation it can vary a lot from person to person, which is why there are different sizes of ear tips included and the app Technics Audio Connect to optimize the effect.

The new Technics models support multipoint connections with three Bluetooth devices at the same timeto easily switch from one source to another.

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Lots of smart features

You can check both models using only one of the two earphones, right or left. With the Technics Audio Connect app you can customize the functions “touch&hold” and single, double and triple touch, choosing different actions for each headset.

The AZ80 and AZ60M2 models also have unique modes audio “Natural Ambient” o “Attention”, managing external noise in the best possible way. With the Technics Audio Connect app, you can precisely adjust the level of external sounds in both modes.

Technics AZ80 and AZ60M2, autonomy and wireless charging

EAH AZ60M2 technics price features minAZ60M2

The new Technics earphones last for 7.5 hours without cancellation noise (25 hours with case); 7 hours with noise cancellation (24 hours with case) and 4 hours of calls with noise cancellation and JustMyVoice (13.5 hours with case). You can reload the Technics earphones with Qi wireless chargerjust put the case on top.

Technics earphones are water resistant (IPX4) and work with Alexa built-in. The more advanced AZ80 model has a particular shape that fits into the concha of the ear, increasing stability. Technics’ AZ60M2 has a comfortable shape for extended use, with a larger contact patch that improves comfort and safety. Technics silicone ear tips come in seven different sizes, from XXS to XLto find the best solution.

The top of the range AZ80 model is available in dark black and gray colours. It has a compact and lightweight aluminum case high quality and features an engraving with the Technics logo. The AZ60M2 model comes in black, silver and midnight blue. The practical, extremely compact case is made with a high quality finish and features the engraved Technics logo.

Both models will be available at starting from June 2023. The indicative price suggested to the public will be €299.99 for the AZ80 and €229.99 for the AZ60M2.

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