Tekken 8: the final trailer reveals the last character of the basic roster

Avvocato fallimentare: cosa fa e come trovarlo

The challengers of Tekken 8 are (as far as day one is concerned) complete: the final trailer shows the last (and unpublished) character

Of the 32 wrestlers of Tekken 8until today only thirty-one were known: thelast character whose clothes we will take on on day one was revealed in trailer finale for the game, even if our use of the masculine is out of place. What emerged from the four hours of showcase of the night just ended is Reinathe new fighter who will put a lesser-known martial art in the spotlight: the Taido. The moves of the new face will therefore bring elements of Okinawa karate into the Steel Fist tournament, including “stabs” with the hands and other unique movements. Furthermore, the girl is well acclimated to the Mishima family’s karate, so if you come from different fighting games you will have the opportunity to take advantage of the Wind God Fist.

The last character in the latest Tekken 8 trailer: Reina’s female ending

From her elaborate throne, Reina calls Jin Kazama her “senpai” and is honored to be able to meet him on the battlefield. Since Jin has beaten up a few people since her debut in Tekken 3, he doesn’t remember her: Reina’s background and origins, in short, still remain a bit shrouded in mystery. We will be able to meet her, her oversized purple suit and the rest of the fighters on the battlefield (Mishima Dojo and beyond) on January 26thwhen the game will be released on PS5, Xbox Series

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