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Telegram: here is the power saving mode on macOS

Telegramthe well-known messaging app, released this week a update for macOS focused precisely on users MacBook. What is it about?

Telegram, an option allows energy saving on the MacBook

The Telegram app power saving option on MacBook is called “Energy saving mode” and disable resource-intensive processes to save battery life on laptops.

The feature comes with the version 9.4.1 of the Telegram app for macOS and can be enabled by users via Telegram settings. When the feature is active, Telegram disables some power-intensive features such as animations, auto-playing videos and GIFs, and other interface effects.

Not only. The user can customize operation of the energy saving mode. For example, you can choose to disable only some of the effects and animations when this mode is enabled.

There is also the option of enable automatically power saving mode when your MacBook battery reaches a specific charge level. In addition to saving energy, Telegram says the update also includes bug fixes and performance improvements.

The news of the 9.4.2 update of Telegram for iPhone and iPad

A new has been introduced Telegram update on iOS devices, which means that iPhone and iPad users can benefit from some new features recently introduced. These include the possibility of trare messages in real time, statistics on network usage and a series of new options, both aesthetic and functional. Specifically, it is the update to version 9.4.2, available for a few hours on the App Store.

Those who are group administrators can now manage communities by limiting the content that can be posted within them. In fact, you can determine if group members are to send photos, voice, video and much more. The ability to change photos of the group has also been simplified and it is now possible to set Emoji as the image of the group itself.

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