Telegram is renewed: many news with the new update

Telegram si rinnova: tante novità con il nuovo aggiornamento thumbnail

Telegram continues to renew itself by introducing, with the latest update, a large number of novelties. The increasingly popular messaging application, in fact, enriches its functionality by allowing users to record video and audio during live broadcasts. Also noteworthy is the arrival of customization themes, interactive emojis and detailed read receipts.

Lots of news for Telegram with the new update

The Telegram app continues to be enriched with new content. With the new update presented in these hours, in fact, the popular messaging app has registered several news. For users, therefore, there is the possibility of being able to count on a renewed version of Telegram.

The application is now more customizable, with the ability to set a theme for each chat. Note that the interactive emojis that fill the whole screen. For users there is also the conReading in groups.

Among the novelties of Telegram there is also space for the possibility of record live streams and video chats in order to repost the videos later. In this way, building a community and taking advantage of the resources offered by the streaming app will be even easier.

to know more

For a complete picture of the news of the latest Telegram update, you can consult the official blog. To start testing the news, however, just download and start using the Telegram application.

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