UNI eSports Day: the day dedicated to eSports open to all

Una giornata dedicata agli eSports con Reti e CUS Milano thumbnail

Reti and CUS Milano report the value of aggregation and the sense of community among Milan university students with UNI eSports Day. A full day open to all students of Milan and young video game enthusiasts to talk about the world of eSports, the prospects and job opportunities that arise from this fascinating phenomenon. The day, scheduled for 28 September, will be held at the Rieti Campus (Busto Arsizio).

For Reti, which has been looking at the phenomenon of eSports from different angles for some time and finds in moments of sharing with the local community and the territory a fundamental element of its development, Uni eSports Day is part of the path, started in 2017, of getting closer to the most young people and the passion for gaming cultivated by IT professionals and which today includes tournaments between employees NETgaming Night and the informative event Sports Italy.

Cultural, educational and social values ​​also shared by CUS Milan, the sports association which for 75 years has dedicated itself to the dissemination and enhancement of sports activities within all the Universities of Milan. In 2019 he opened his own eSports section and that today it has over 400 registered students, involved on titles from major leagues including FIFA, Valorant and League of Legends.

Uni eSports Day

The day that will see esports and fans as protagonists, will start on September 28 and will develop as follows:

ORE 10:30 – During the morning, starting at 10:30, they will take place two round tablesand, moments of networking and direct discussion with the HR Network managers to offer participants the opportunity to combine the passion for gaming with new job opportunities. At the first meeting, moderated by Massimo Triulzi, videogame journalist and teacher of videogames and interactive writing, professionals and experts from the gaming industry will speak, including Francesco “Deugemo” Lombardo, eSports Reporter, e Laura Anna Ripamonti, Director and co-founder of the research laboratory PONG – Playlab for innovation in Games and professor of Game design, Level design and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Milan e MilanoSchoolof Management Faculty. The second meeting, on the other hand, will involve the Presidents of the six University Clubs of the city MUG-Milan University Gamers, AESport-Politecnico, Bicocca Gaming, Bocconi Sport Team, IULM Sport, SGU-Students Gamers Unicatt. The clubs will present their respective e-sports divisions and talk about the management of clubs and the community during the most intense period of the pandemic.

ORE 14:00 – In the afternoon they will be held the finals of the two inter-university titles tournaments League of Legends e Rocket League organized by the students themselves.

ORE 18:00 – Closing and final greetings

The word to the experts

About the event Bruno Paneghini, President and CEO of Reti, commented: “Never before has the power of relationships been felt so much. Being the creators with CUS Milano of an initiative like this one, aimed at supporting the (re) connection between students and universities after the abrupt stop to socialization caused by the pandemic, is a source of great pride for us. “Connecting technology, people and ideas”. A mantra, but also a confirmation of the value we have always placed in the power of meeting and sharing to be able to create something innovative. After the long time spent “online” finally the young people of the various universities in Milan will be able to meet on this precious occasion in which to live their passion for gaming together “.

Alessandro Castelli, President of Cus Milanohe says instead: “It is precisely in difficult moments that innovative ideas find space and new energy. For us, the “eSport” initiatives that our section has developed and promoted have been vital oxygen to keep our community active. We are really happy to promote this new initiative with Reti, which we are sure will meet the interest and participation of many of our students and that we are ready to share in the regional and national context “.Uni eSports Day?

How to participate in the Uni eSports Day?

The Uni eSports Day is free and open to all. It will be necessary to register, again free of charge, by 26 September on the dedicated platform. The afternoon tournaments will be streamed live on the official Twitch channel of the event. For more information on the event, we invite you to visit the official website of the event: https://www.reti.it/uni-esports-day