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Telepass and Duferco Energia: partnership for more sustainable mobility

Telepass e Duferco Energy they announced the new one partnershipwhich has as its main objective to offer a increasingly smart mobility e sustainable. The electric vehicle charging service at the stations of Duferco Energia is now available on the Telepass Pay app. Let’s find out more details.

Telepass and Duferco Energia, for smarter mobility


Duferco Energia and Telepass have a common goal: improve the environmental sustainability and the development of the electric mobility. For this reason they have decided to join forces to make the electric driving experience more and more simple e widespread.

To use the new service it is necessary download the Telepass Pay app, to select the Duferco Energia charging service and, using the map, locate the nearest available charging point. Gabriele BenedettoCEO of Telepass, said:

By integrating Duferco Energia charging stations into our mobility ecosystem, we will be even closer to the more than 300,000 Telepass customers who already drive electric or hybrid cars. In fact, our offer covers a total of 19,000 recharge points on the Telepass Pay app. We therefore renew our commitment to accelerate the transition process towards sustainable mobility and we want to contribute at the forefront to the expansion of electric mobility in Italy. The latter, increasingly present in everyday life, especially in urban centers, is confirmed as a key element in the business strategy of a company like ours that deals with solutions for integrated mobility.

Instead Marco CastagnaCEO of Duferco Energia, said:

The common goal is to offer electric users an increasingly smart mobility experience, thanks to the adoption of efficient and innovative services and an increasingly widespread recharge network. The partnership with Telepass fully reflects our business vision, based on interoperability, competitiveness, network openness and dialogue between operators.

Two companies that grow together

Duferco Energia wants to have a leading role in the process of ecological transition of the energy sector. It is a 360 ° active operator in the Italian market. It is also among the first Italian players in the field of electric mobility. In fact, it boasts a network enabled for its own recharge services 25,000 points in Italy and beyond 200,000 in Europe.

Telepass, on the other hand, continues its transformation: from motorway toll operator a dynamic protagonist of the smart mobility. Through a single subscription and a single app it is possible to access an invisible payment circuit to offer an integrated mobility experience. Finally, Telepass boasts a constantly developing platform which, thanks to Duferco Energia, further expands its services.

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