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Telepass Innova is the new company of the Telepass Group

Telepass, the Italian company that offers integrated mobility services, has announced the birth of Telepass Innova, a new subsidiary that will deal with technological innovation in the advanced telematics sector. Innova will act as the Group’s “tech innovation hub”, and will have the task of developing and improving mobility services, expanding and personalizing them, also in collaboration with strategic partners.

The new Company is the result of the merger of three parts of the Group: InfoBlu, Italian leader in infomobility and infotraffic; KMaster, specialized in telematic services for logistics and fleet management and security solutions for the management of any company vehicle fleet; there Smart Device Unit at Telepassresponsible for solutions (platforms and technologies) for electronic toll collection.

What will Telepass Innova do

Telepass Innova’s mission is create innovative solutions for the mobility market, in support of the Telepass Group and third parties, taking advantage of the distinctive skills and data at its disposal. Telepass’s unique experience in the electronic toll and mobility sector, but also in infomobility, fleet management and telematics, makes it possible to respond to new and emerging mobility needs.

Some examples are: the vehicle tracking (through the most modern satellite solutions that allow communication between vehicles and with the surrounding environment), themobility data analysis and geolocated information (useful for the development of intelligent and interconnected smart cities), the design and development of advanced on-board units (which collect driving data with quality and accuracy, allowing habits to be monitored and encouraging sustainable use of means of transport, in favor of the environment and society). The services offered concern both light and heavy vehicles.

The birth of the new company has a strong industrial value, as it creates a company that accelerates the growth and development of the Group in services connected to urban and extra-urban mobility, as well as telematics.

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