Telepass opens the portal for its NFT collection

Telepass lancia una collezione esclusiva di NFT thumbnail

The NFT on Telepass have arrived: you can register at portal and proceed to NFT minting from the limited collection on blockchain Ethereum dal December 12th. The Telepass NFT utilities are an exclusive collection of a thousand digital works that you can produce from 12 December.

Telepass launches the portal for its NFT collection

After announcing it this summer, Telepass keeps its promise and opens the portal to build your own NFT collection. A thousand digital works inside the blockchain Ethereuminspired by their own mobility services.

To access, you can go to the official Telepass NFT website. Here you must authenticate yourself through your personal wallet, not connected with Telepass. For instance Metamask o Coinbase Wallet. For purchases you will have to use the Ethereum cryptocurrency.

This initiative marks the entry of Telepass into the Web3to create an exclusive club in the metaverse full of promotions for Telepass users, such as cash back (“Club Membership NFTLP“). All promotions now offered only in the “real” world.

In addition to owning the digital artwork, whoever buys these NFTs can be associated with your Telepass contract to take advantage of exclusive discounts through the Telepass app. But it is one free choice: You can link your account and redeem promotions later.

Thousands of tokens developed with tokens are available on the site ERC1155. They refer to five macro areas: fuel, electric recharge, ski pass, car wash, urban mobility (taxi, public transport, sharing mobility).

The entire project was created in-house by Telepass Digital. The proceeds will go to third sector organizations to support environmental regeneration, education, sustainability and encourage a greener mobility.

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