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A PlayStation in every car, the agreement between Sony and Honda

Sony e Honda this year they signed a deal to develop electric cars, which they may have PlayStation in on-board infotainment. The possibility of playing in cars could be the added value for the cars that will arrive on the market after this Japanese alliance.

Honda and Sony: a PlayStation (and more) in every car

In a recent interview with the Financial Times, the chairman at the newly formed Sony Honda Mobility, Izumi Kawanishisaid the new company is “perfectly positioned to take advantage of changing consumer preferences and the invasion of high-tech gadgets into the automotive industry“.

In other words, Sony solutions will give the infotainment of these cars a step further than their rivals. Starting with the audio systems, with Sony remaining one of the best manufacturers of speakers and systems in the worldor, going through the videos. But the icing on the cake could just be PlayStation.

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Technically, bringing gaming into the car is already possible. For example, Tesla has several games on the list and other companies offer alternatives. But with Sony Honda cars, the goal will be to change the paradigm: don’t add gaming after the car is finished, but cblock a car with entertainment at its core.

Also because the new president Kawanishi explains that “To enjoy the space in the car, you have to make it a space where you don’t need to drive. The solution is autonomous driving“. So one day we will be able to get into the car and play a game or watch a film (both possibly produced by Sony, in the brand’s plans), instead of driving.

An ambitious project, most likely even far in time. Sony Honda Mobility aims to throw the first vehicle in 2025, but it probably won’t be fully self-driving. But this is the goal: the last frontier of entertainment is on four wheels.


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