Telly, smart TV is free (if you watch the ad on the second screen)

Telly, la smart TV è gratis (se guardate la pubblicità sul secondo schermo) thumbnail

Smart TV becomes free: Telly is an innovative project led by Ilya Pozinone of the founders of Pluto TV, who wants to shake up the sector with a particular idea. An idea that has already materialized with the launch of its new TV, which you can have completely free. To have this “gift”, you just have to continuously watch advertising on a small secondary display at the bottom of the new smart TV.

Telly, the free smart TV (watching commercials on the second screen)

Telly will present users with a smart TV “split” in two in the screen. The largest and most relevant part at the top will be used to view users’ favorite content, while a smaller part of the screen at the bottom is used for advertising.

This band, called the “Smart Display,” is where users will always be looking advertising content. But also a variety of widget with the result of sporting events or even the weather or even the news. The two parts of the new Tally TV they will be separated by a soundbar.

“By now all smart TVs come with ads. But you still pay for the TV. Today all this changes. During the sign-up process, questions about you and your family are asked to optimize your advertising experience. Brands, in turn, pay for non-intrusive smart-screen advertising. That’s how you get Telly for free.” explains the company on the site.

The TV has one 55” main screen with 4K, HDR it’s a dongle Android 4K for streaming. It also has a soundbar with microphone and webcam for audio, voice commands and video calls. TV use TellyOS and has interactive features like polls, games, and music. And for now it is only available in the USA with online booking. But if this business model were to work, perhaps we could soon see it in Italy too. We will keep you posted.