TES VI: cosa aspettarsi e cosa sappiamo finora

TES VI: what to expect and what we know so far

The Elder Scrolls, a saga known worldwide, is one of the most famous video games in the RPG genre. The series has now reached a venerable age, having been on the market since 1994

From the beginning, Bethesda wanted to develop the saga as an RPG, a choice that led the company to create what is still considered one of the best RPG games today. Perhaps there isn’t a player who has never heard of Skyrim, somehow everyone has had a taste of it.

With the latest installment of the saga, Skyrim has received everyone’s approval, redefining the RPG genre in many ways. However, it must be admitted that the game also had many flaws, but his supporters were always too enthusiastic to notice. According to the latest news, The Elder Scrolls VI is in development, an announcement that has sparked the enthusiasm of many gamers ready to welcome the brand new chapter. Many are wondering if there will be a better version of Skyrim, which is, in itself, a great game.

The level reached by Skyrim is undoubtedly very high and gives players the opportunity to immerse themselves for hours in a fantasy world full of missions to be undertaken and accompanied by an exceptional soundtrack. The game has its weaknesses, however.

Voice acting

As for the voices in the game, it must be admitted that it will be difficult to aim for higher quality. This is certainly a significant improvement over Oblivion, which was a bit lacking in this respect. However, the game often used the same voices for different NPCs, thereby decreasing player engagement. For TES VI, Bethesda will have to get busy and hire many more vocal artists.


Once you have mastered the gameplay of Skyrim, you run the risk of the game becoming boring. To avoid this, many developers have created mini-games where the gamer can bet, as happened with Gwent in The Witcher saga. This reality does not stray far from the one offered on Cloudbet, where users can bet and win real money.


Bethesda has deliberately chosen to optimize Skyrim’s combat to align with the latest trends. While it can be said to have worked, many gamers have considered combat as a somewhat outdated technique. It would be much more satisfying if TES VI offered a more complex combat system to increase the replay value for those interested in mastering the game to the fullest.

Skyrim is already part of the list of best-selling video games ever. Given the wait that has already been created, TES VI could be no less, but Bethesda will need to fine-tune the appropriate changes.

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