tesla delivery times in the USA are increasing month by month

I tempi di consegna della nuova Tesla negli Stati Uniti si stanno allungando thumbnail

A few days ago, Tesla updated the delivery times of the individual cars it has in its price list. Apparently, the current war in Ukraine has been characterized by an unprecedented increase in interest in electric cars. In the US, Tesla reports that every model is “sold out” and those who would like to bypass the long waiting periods will have to pay extra, at least according to electrek.co. In recent days Tesla has been recording a backlog of orders, with the maximum interest aimed at the Model Y. Its base version currently costs $ 63,000 on the US market and the first delivery, according to Tesla, is possible between January and April 2023. If you opt for the Full Self-Driving (FSD) package, in this case, the newly produced Model Y will arrive in the customer’s garage in the second half of this year.

Tesla, delivery times are shortened if (expensive) options are added

It doesn’t fare much better with the Model 3, which has a US market starting price of $ 47,000. The new models will be available between July and September of this yearand the waiting period can be reduced by one month by ordering the model with 19 ″ wheels, which cost $ 1,500 more. The same period also applies to the Model 3 Long Range and Performance versions. Model 3 is currently sold out in the US three months early, it is an order that cannot be processed before November to January 2023. At the same time it is true that with the FSD package, shelling out $ 100,000 the car is theoretically available in April of this year. Again, the car can be obtained faster by adding some options.

Tesla delivery times

The worst situation is with the Tesla Model X. Its basic version in a five-seat configuration will not be delivered to customers until the second quarter of next year. However, if someone checks the six or seven seat configuration in the configurator, delivery times are reduced to December of this year. On the other hand, the Tesla Model X Plaid top version is the fastest of all in terms of delivery times: can arrive in the hands of customers as early as August to October this year. However, it is only available in a six-seat configuration. Compared to Tesla’s remaining cars, the possibility of a $ 12,000 surcharge for the FSD system won’t help with faster delivery.

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