Tesla: Elon Musk invests in self-driving robotaxis

It seemed impossible, yet we are getting closer and closer. Elon Musk, billionaire entrepreneur and South African manager of Tesla, will present the self-driving robotaxi this summer

When we think of a car that drives itself it seems like an event that is part of the world of science fictionor even an episode of Black Mirror, and yet it's really about to happen. Elon Musk, the South African manager of Tesla, will present the robotaxi with autonomous driving technology, a new way of traveling that will change the world of engines and cars forever. Something at the limit of the imaginable, some time ago it seemed impossible and yet today it is more and more probable and indeed, soon will become reality. This project would then most likely lead to giving up on others, with Musk being firmly convinced of the functionality and usefulness of this new technology. So not only will we not have a Model Y facelift this year, either we will most likely say goodbye to the Tesla Model 2.

Tesla: Elon Musk invests in self-driving robotaxisTesla: Elon Musk invests in self-driving robotaxis

Tesla's self-driving robotaxi coming this summer

The curious thing about this announcement is that after revealing Elon Musk's ambitious project to fully invest in autonomous driving technology, Tesla shares rose more than 3% in aftermarket transactions. Elon Musk firmly believes in this technology, as demonstrated by the fact that just last month he reported that future electric cars under the Tesla electric brand which will have the technology autonomous driving system they will be, according to him, sleep mania. These new cars should therefore change the world of motors forever and therefore invent a new way to travel, leaving everything to do completely to artificial intelligence and without putting a hand on the steering wheel. Musk announced that the robotaxi will be presented next August 8while he made no mention of the Tesla Model 2, suggesting that he has probably abandoned the project.

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