Tesla is ready to launch the self-driving Cybertruck. And the title soars on the stock market

Tesla è pronta al lancio della guida autonoma del Cybertruck. E il titolo vola in borsa thumbnail

Tesla it has many goalsfor the upcoming ones is ready for the launch of autonomous driving and the Cybertruck. Above all, a Tesla the safety of motorists is very important to us.

The key is software development Full Self-Driving (FSD), arrived at the version identified by the number v11.4.1.

Tesla is ready to launch autonomous driving and Cybertruck, source DepositPhotos

Tesla and autonomous driving: are we there?

So, directly from Twitter, Elon Musk, chirps about the latest beta release: FSD v12. So it will be the first production build. Attention, it does not mean that this version will arrive soon. The previous ones developed in a year and a half, the same process is expected. That is, the first definitive build of the software debuts before the end of next year.

Now, the v11.4 has introduced so many improvements, to the point that according to Musk this release contained so many new features that it could have been called v12. Precisely with software version 11, Tesla rewrote the code and unified the city driving stack (FSD) and the highway driving stack (Autopilot), taking the FSD to the next level.

Even the beta testers of FSD have noticed a marked improvement in the behavior of the software, which now takes on a more assertive attitude, similar to that of a human being.

Tesla is ready to launch autonomous driving and Cybertruck, source DepositPhotosTesla is ready to launch autonomous driving and Cybertruck, source DepositPhotos

Finally, Tesla seems to be proceeding briskly on the development of this project, even if it is complicated to say what it means to remove the Beta label from the software, above all because version 12 will have to be tested for a long time, therefore further versions will be released before the final landing on the cars of customers. For this reason, it is realistic to hypothesize a possible launch before the end of 2024. Meanwhile, the number of kilometers traveled with the FSD has increased exponentially in recent times and all this would not have caused an increase in car accidents, as detractors of Tesla’s signature autonomous driving had warned.

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Tesla Cybertruck, ready for series production

Tesla Cybertruck: starting production. Years late, bold announcements now Tesla is about to start mass production of the pick-up a batteria. Also on Twitter, some images taken from a drone were leaked which showed that the production of the Tesla Cybertruck is well underway at Giga Texas, with 9,000-ton Giga Presses installed.

Tesla has been producing alpha versions of the Cybertruck since the first quarter of 2023. Now it seems that the American automaker has installed all the necessary equipment for series production.

Tesla is ready to launch autonomous driving and Cybertruck, source DepositPhotosTesla is ready to launch autonomous driving and Cybertruck, source DepositPhotos

I Cybertruck release candidatesi.e. the almost standard versions but which may still have defects, are expected for August, while deliveries to customers are scheduled for the end of the third quarter of 2023. Therefore, the start of deliveries at the end of September is possible.

Tesla stock soars on the stock exchange

Elon Musk enjoys another milestone: Tesla delivered a record number of cars in the second quarter. Another demonstration of how the price cut wanted by the CEO has been fruitful.

In numbers, Tesla delivered 466,000 cars in April-June, 10.4% more than the previous quarter and up 83.5% from the same period last year. A result beyond analysts’ expectations, which fits into Tesla’s ambitious goal of increasing volumes by 50% annually, and which will likely continue to push Tesla shares, already up 142% this year and in strong rise again today, Monday 3 July, on Wall Street.

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