Tesla Model 3: An upgrade in refinement and performance

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After six years of its introduction on the automotive market, the Tesla Model 3 is ready to amaze once again with its latest update

This time around, the automaker has brought its know-how to bear to take the model to new levels of refinement e comfortwithout sacrificing the features that have made Model 3 so beloved by more than two million drivers around the world.

Tesla Model 3: An upgrade in refinement and performance

The renewal of Tesla Model 3

One of the focal points of this update is theimproved aerodynamicswhich not only accentuates the elegant design but also reduces the aerodynamic resistanceil wind noise and increase theautonomy.

The body lines have been sharpwhile the surfaces have been optimized to maximize theaerodynamic efficiency. The Rear lightsnow featuring bright colors and refined styling, blend seamlessly into the tailgate.

As for the choice of colors, the Model 3 comes in two new options: theUltra Reda highly chromatic color with dynamic depth, and the Grigio Stealtha metallic dark gray that enhances the shape of the car.

Optimized performance

I you look for have received a makeover to improve theaerodynamicsthey tyres have been optimized to reduce the noisiness and increase theautonomy. These upgrades combine to deliver driving performance even more outstanding.

Inside the cabin, you will find an enveloping environment with high quality materials, including real aluminum e fine fabrics. The ambient lights they are customizable and envelop the entire passenger compartment, creating a welcoming atmosphere. THE front seats I am ventilatedand all seats can be warm upall managed automatically by the system air conditioning.

To make the interior even more silentTesla implemented the 360° acoustic glassimprove the suspensions and used soundproof materials high quality.

If you appreciate a high quality sound on the go, the new Model 3 won’t let you down. It features a premium Tesla-designed sound system, with 17 speakersdue subwoofer and two amplifiers for Long Range vehicles, while rear wheel drive vehicles have 9 speakersand single subwoofer it’s a amplifier. This means you can enjoy crystal clear sound from anywhere in the car.

Here are the availability of Tesla Model 3

Deliveries of Model 3 versions rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive Long Range will start in late October in Europe and the Middle East.

With this update, Tesla continues to lead automotive innovation, offering an ever better driving experience and more refined for its customers.

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