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Best Video Editing Apps | September 2023

In this guide we will tell you about what we think are the best video editing apps currently available on Android and iOS devices

Surely everyone will have sometimes wanted to edit a video directly on your smartphone. As long as you just make some simple cuts you shouldn’t have any problems, but the situation is quite different if you want to dedicate yourself to slightly more complex projects. In these cases it is necessary to use a good video editing app and in this article we will tell you about what we think they are The best.

Best Video Editing Apps |  September 2023

Adobe Premier Rush | Best Video Editing Apps

Obviously we could not start with Adobe Premier Rush. This application is available for both Android and iOS devices and it is able to offer you so many options for editing videos.

For example it is possible speed up or slow down a movie, combine different clips, add sound effects and insert different graphics. The basic version of the app is totally free but, if you need extra tools for your projects, you can think about subscribing to one of the various premium memberships offered by Adobe.

Best Video Editing Apps |  September 2023

iMovie | Best Video Editing Apps

It may seem strange but, if you have an iPhone, the iMovie may be able to meet many of your video editing needs. In fact, despite being free and pre-installed on every iPhone, this application it’s really great. Using iMovie you can import videos and images directly from your phone and then edit them as you prefer, even going to add transitions, filters and other effects. Also the interface of the App is really very intuitive and this allows you to use it with great ease.

Obviously iMovie it is not suitable for creating very complex projects but, if you have to limit yourself to fairly simple videos, you’ll hardly find another free application that’s so comfortable and intuitive.

Best Video Editing Apps |  September 2023

KineMaster | Best Video Editing Apps

KineMaster is another very convenient video editing applicationor on both iOS and Android. In addition to having the classic functions of any good app of this type, it also has a large number of special effects such as i voice filters.

What most differentiates this application from the others, however, is the presence of several ready-made templates suitable for different purposes. For example there are templates already set up for i Instagram reels, YouTube intros, Vlogs and so on. If you are looking for a convenient app that allows you to easily make specific types of videos, KineMaster could be for you.

Best Video Editing Apps |  September 2023

Luma Fusion | Best Video Editing Apps

If iMovie is not enough for your projects and you need a more powerful application for iPhone, then LumaFusion it’s perfect for you. This app is one of the best options ever to edit videos on iPhone thanks to its convenience and the many options offered.

LumaFusion is capable of support different types of aspect ratio for videos, it supports up to 6 video and audio tracks simultaneously, and also features numerous effects, transitions and audio tracks that can be combined at will. In addition LumaFusion also allows you to edit videos both holding the phone vertically and horizontally and allows you to easily switch from one mode to another. Obviously all these features have a cost, since there is no free version of this app. However, if you need a tool to create more advanced videos on the iPhone, you will hardly find an application with a better value for money.

Best Video Editing Apps |  September 2023

Power Director | Best Video Editing Apps

If you are used to editing videos using classic horizontal timelines, PowerDirector it could be for you. This application is best suited to be used on phones with very large screens or tablets and will allow you to access a library with over 4000 customizable templates to quickly create all kinds of videos. Also the app possesses many useful features such as a control panel to precisely change the color saturation and a stabilizer capable of improving the quality of shaky videos.

The basic version of PowerDirector is free, but you can subscribe to a premium subscription with a variable monthly cost. Among the various advantages offered by the paid version, one of the most useful ones is certainly the free access to a rich library of royalty-free images high quality.

Best Video Editing Apps |  September 2023

A sea of ​​options for video editing!

These are some of the best video editing apps currently on the Apple and Android stores. Now all you have to do is take a look at each of these applications and find the ones that best suit your needs. Before saying goodbye, below you can find a brief summary of the apps featured in our guide:

  • AdobePremier Rush
  • iMovie
  • KineMaster
  • LumaFusion
  • PowerDirector

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