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Tesla Model Y: pros and cons of an electric crossover

In this article we’re going to find out more about the Tesla Model Y, all the pros and cons of an interesting electric crossover

The electric car sector is in continuous turmoil and the various manufacturers know they have to offer increasingly competitive models. Tesla Model Y is the EV crossover of the American manufacturer which has tried to represent a turning point, so much so that it is considered a bit like the reference electric SUV/crossover. When it comes to the Tesla Model y range, performance and comfort are just some of the strengths on which it is necessary to linger to get a complete idea of ​​the car.

What surprises, however, is above all the driving dynamics, hand-in-hand with innovative and successful engineering. These premises serve to say that the Tesla Model y should be considered as a reference in the electric car sector, especially in view of a transition towards electrification already underway, and which will soon enter its most intense phase. Submitted by Elon Musk in 2019, the Tesla Model Y quickly achieved great sales and critical acclaim. Now let’s see what are the possible advantages and disadvantages of this electric crossover with an unmistakable style.

Tesla Model y performance and safety

With a maximum speed of 250 km/h and an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.7 seconds, it is an electric crossover that certainly does not disappoint even the sportiest souls. Speaking of Tesla model y performance and performance, only positive things can be said about the responsiveness of the car. Safety is also an essential element of this crossover, given that the parent company designs all its vehicles with the stated intention of trying to exceed existing safety standards. The Tesla Model y has, in fact, obtained five stars in the Euro NCAP safety rating of 2022, also winning the award for best vehicle in the compact SUV category.

Tesla Model Y: pros and cons of an electric crossover

Tesla Model y range and available space

The overview of the many advantages of this electric crossover continues, talking about autonomy and versatility. Specifically, the Tesla Model Y allows enough space for five adults and all their luggage. Further demonstrating the attention to comfort, all second row seats fold down, allowing for the creation of a flexible and roomy load space for carrying bulky loads. The opening of the tailgate has also been designed to facilitate access to the floor of the luggage compartment located at the bottomthus facilitating all the operations relating to loading and unloading in a concrete way.

As for autonomy? This is another of the advantages of the car which, being 100% electric, allows rapid charging at public stations or points on the Tesla charging network. The declared autonomy (WLTP approval) is about 514 kilometres and the coefficient of friction, equal to Cx 0.23, makes this crossover capable of boasting excellent performance even at high speeds.

Tesla Model Y: pros and cons of an electric crossover

Tesla Model y price and equipment

Currently it is possible to choose, also for car rental, three distinct versions of the car: Tesla Model Y (version to access the range with rear-wheel drive), Long Range (version with the maximum available range) and Performance (suitable version for those looking for high performance). With the Tesla model y, price and equipment go hand in hand, but the standard equipment of the basic version is already truly complete.

In particular, the Model Y trim includes: premium audio system, 13 speakers, 1 subwoofer, 2 amplifiers, music and multimedia, USB-A port in glovebox, power adjustable front seats, heated front and rear seats, HEPA air filter system, tinted glass roof with UV and infrared protection, independently folding rear seats, interior carpets, personalized driving profiles, automatic emergency braking, blind spot monitoring system, frontal collision warning, side collision warning, collision avoidance and correction system lane departure emergency, LED daytime running lights and vehicle location tracking in the app.

Tesla Model Y: pros and cons of an electric crossover

What are the advantages of the Model y?

It is enough to test the car only for few minutes to appreciate the many strengths, especially in relation to technology and equipment. One of the advantages is undoubtedly represented by the excellent performance of the infotainment system and navigation is also easy and well supported by voice commands. With this electric crossovereverything is at hand and there is even a specific app for smartphones, with which it is possible to control the car, start and stop charging and even locate the vehicle and all the closest charging stations at any time.

The roominess of the car also deserves a mention, excellent even for passengers traveling in the rear seats. Although the battery is located on the floor, comfort is not lost on the sofa and the seats are particularly comfortable, thanks to a coating with soft synthetic leather. The seats are heated and the rear passengers can also enjoy the panoramic roof; the LED reading lights are bright and well placed.

Tesla Model Y: pros and cons of an electric crossover

What are the disadvantages?

So far we have above all outlined the advantages and merits of this electric crossover with a strong sporting character. However, the Tesla Model y also has some cons. First, we must say that this is not a car for everyone: besides the pricecertainly not an irrelevant factor to consider, the important dimensions must also be taken into consideration, a potential problem especially for those used to moving in the European urban context. Four-wheel drive is also not something strictly necessary for getting around the city and the absence of an adaptive system for cushioning turns out to be a not indifferent limitation, above all considering the offer of the competition. Some users have also complained about the front trunk which, not being electrically actuated, must be opened and closed manually.

In conclusion, the Tesla Model y is a very spacious electric crossover, which boasts sports performance and top-level autonomy. Like all other Tesla cars, the Model y can also count on a proprietary network of very fast charging stations, a detail that makes the difference in terms of supplies. The technology on board is also very positive, with lifetime software updates guaranteed by the parent company. For further updates and news, tune in to