Tesla proceeds with the production of the new 4680 cells

Tesla va a gonfie vele con le nuove celle 4680: prodotte 10 milioni thumbnail

Just a tweet to Tesla to communicate that the production of the new ones 4680 it’s booming: produced 10 million.

Tesla is booming with the new 4680 cells produced 10 million, source DepositPhotos

From tweet to production

I am 10 million batteries with 4680 format cells produced in the Texan GigaFactory. Tesla announces new battery production. At the same time, he let it be known that the first production target was achieved.

Despite the unforeseen events related to the production of this type of battery. Precisely, the cells 4680 they owe their names to them size.

These measure 46mm in diameter by 80mm in height. So the advantages are compared to the more common 2170 cells: provide more energy, up to 5 times more, more power, up to 6 times more than the “traditional” ones.

Tesla: as long as we talk about it

soon Tesla blows out 20 candles. Il July 1, 2003in California the brand was born. Tesla revolutionizes the market and motorists.

Especially the CEO Elon Muskcapitalizes far more than its value but is the new benchmark.

The company takes its name from Nikola Tesla, the scientist who patented the first electric motor. To date, Tesla is a unique economic phenomenon the day it started capitalize on the stock exchange 200 times more than it was worth on the market.

now is theautomotive icon. The brand of desire for those who interpret mobility as an example of diversity, sustainability, technology e dminimalist designstrictly zero emissions.

The Californian builder produces cars exclusively and 100% battery powered and overturned the car fees.

In twenty years, Elon Musk rewrites the history of the automotive industry and surpasses the big brands that have been chasing innovation and technology for over a century.

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Here the question arises: but how did Musk manage all this?

Elon’s vision is the first frontrunner where it all started. Him: brilliant, tireless, eccentric, unscrupulous.

He joined the company as a financier at the beginning of 2004, bringing his dowry $7.5 million, he later became its president and CEO. But the real parents of Tesla however, they are the least known Martin Eberhard e Marc Tarpenningtwo computer engineers whothey founded in 2003.

Tesla is booming with the new 4680 cells produced 10 million, source DepositPhotosTesla is booming with the new 4680 cells produced 10 million, source DepositPhotos

Ten million batteries from the 4680 cell are enough for only 12,000 Tesla Model Ys

Now, the ten million batteries with cella 4680 they represent a still low number compared to Tesla’s needs. Ten million of these batteries correspond to approximately 12,000 battery packs for the Tesla Model Y.

Going to tighten Tesla still has to to use of the others GigaFactory and above all, of external suppliers still remains fundamental.

Not only that, Tesla has also communicated the start of the modernization works of the factory in Reno – the GigaFactory 1 Nevada -, with the aim of starting the production in large numbers of batteries with 4680 cells. Usually Tesla is not very generous with information when it comes to 4680 cells.

In fact, the latest update, dated December 2022, spoke of the achieved production capacity of 900,000 4680 cell batteries per week.

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