Teufel BOOMSTER review (2021): quality and power

In this review we will analyze Teufel’s BOOMSTER sepaker in the new 2021 version. Let’s discover this Bluetooth speaker together

The iconic Bluetooth speaker from Devil is renewed with a new look and with new features. Although its predecessor was already a conglomeration of quality and sound power, the company presented this product as “perfect partner to accompany any sound“. But will it really be like this? We just have to start this review on Teufel BOOMSTER, in version 2021, and find out how it behaved in our hands.

Data sheet

  • Dimensions: 370 x 180 x 148 mm
  • Weight: 3,75 kg
  • Loudspeakers:
    • 2 tweeter da 20 mm
    • 2 midrange da 65 mm
    • 1 woofer da 110 mm
  • Frequency range: 44 – 20000 Hz
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 multipoint, TWS, aptX, ingresso jack 3,5 mm
    • Compatibility: Android, iOS, Windows
  • Battery: 7500 mAh for a duration of about 18 hours (depending on use)
  • Remote control: Yes
  • Other features: powerbank, radio DAB + / FM-UKW

Teufel BOOMSTER review (2021): quality and power

Packaging and design | Teufel BOOMSTER review (2021)

The speaker arrives in one very minimalist packaging on which the same device is represented even if not in its entirety. Inside we can find two manuals, that of use and one relating to the risks that can run in handling such an object, inside a small recess in the protective cardboard. Once this is removed we will find the device and, under it, one box containing the power supply and the convenient remote control to manage the speaker remotely.

The device shows up somewhat elegant as a whole, with a particular design designed specifically to contain the various speakers and give the best possible sound experience. In the front part, under the metal mesh that protects the whole, we find a small display inserted between the 5 speakers. These objects cover the entire front area. This way you can have it all the desired sound power in the smallest possible space.

In the upper part we find instead a comfortable handle, which will allow us to easily move our speaker, and all the various keys that are used for its functions. In addition to the power button and those relating to song playback and volume, there are also the Bluetooth pairing button, the one for the radio functions, three convenient buttons for storing radio stations and the button BASS. Through the latter it will be possible adjust the number of decibels relative to the bass.

On the back instead we find the name of the device, the extendable aluminum antenna to have a better reception of the various radio stations and two rubber membranes that cover the various inputs of the device. These are: a 3.5mm jack inlet for the AUX connection, the input for the power supply, a micro-USB port it’s a USB type-A for charging the various devices. On the sides of these entrances instead we find two openings, always covered with the same metal mesh as the front, that allow the sound to escape, avoiding compressing it when you are in high volume ranges.

Teufel BOOMSTER review (2021): quality and power

Heavy weight with the convenience of a remote control | Teufel BOOMSTER review (2021)

the generous dimensions of 370 x 180 x 148 mm (width, height and depth) combined with a weight of about 3.75 kg, make it difficult to carry by hand for long distancesdespite the handle at the top. The latter, despite the important size of the speaker, gives a unique sense of robustness. You will not therefore have to fear that the device will fall from your hand, quite the contrary. Also the general structure instills a sense of robustness that is more unique than rare. The keys at the top seem firmly in place, although a slight pressure is enough to activate them.

The speaker, therefore, is not suitable for very long transport in the hand, however its structure allows it to be easily moved from one room to another. The design also allows it to be positioned anywhere, whether you have more contemporary furniture or a more modern one. Thanks to the handy remote control supplied then, you can enjoy your music comfortably seated on the armchair, without having to get up to change any settings.

You can conveniently switch from one exit to another, for example from Bluetooth to radio, thanks to the remote control. In addition, you can also control the various settings, such as the overall volume or the power of the bass. However, the latter parameters will significantly affect battery life. According to the company, according to the company, the latter is attested with a duration of about 18 hours, based on the volume set. However, we did notice a truly drastic drop in this time frame as the parameter is increased.

Teufel BOOMSTER review (2021): quality and power

Unmatched Audio Quality | Teufel BOOMSTER review (2021)

Although therefore from the portability and battery side there are some small negative notes, the audio quality is absolutely unmatched (as long as you stay with not excessively high volumes). Thanks to the five speakers – two tweeters, two midranges and a woofer – you can enjoy all kinds of music to the fullest, from classic to rock, through techno and Latin American. In short, any self-respecting audiophile will be able to enjoy his favorite genre in complete tranquility.

The speaker structure also allows a uniform diffusion of sound throughout the room. Thanks to its power you can also listen to your favorite songs even a few meters away without missing any notes. The device is able to give both warm and full-bodied bass and crystalline and clear highs. The openings in the back and the passive membranes also guarantee the right space for the sound, preventing it from being excessively compressed and therefore distorted due to the power of the speakers.

Thanks to broad compatibility, can be connected to any device via Bluetooth. This allows you to enjoy a audio synchronous with the one being played from our smart devices without any delay. Furthermore this connection guarantees minimal energy consumption compared to other devices. There tecnologia multipoint allows you to connect two smartphones to the speaker at the same time, allowing the playback of tracks alternately without interruption.

It is also possible to perform the reverse operation, i.e. connect two BOOMSTERs to the same device. This is possible thanks to the option Bluetooth TWS, with which it will be possible to divide the stereo channels into left and right in order to enjoy a more immersive experience. Compatibility makes it also excellent for combined operation with smart home devices, such as Alexa or Google. In short, you will have a 360 ° connection from every point of view.

Teufel BOOMSTER review (2021): quality and power


We have now reached the end of this review on Teufel’s BOOMSTER speaker, in the 2021 version, and it’s time to take stock. The device enjoys excellent connectivity from every point of view and allows a diversified use according to the needs of each user. Equipped with a 7500 mAh battery, the device can enjoy 18 hours of playback uninterrupted with a rather low volume. However this period of time decreases drastically as the volume increases and bass related decibels.

It can therefore be used safely on the move, contrary to what happened with Radio One. However, weight and size, despite a handle designed specifically for this purpose, make long-distance transport very complicated. Despite these small inconveniences, however, it is possible enjoy a great acoustic experience from every point of view. You will always have a warm sound with deep bass and crystal clear highs. Too loud though, despite the specially designed construction, the sound will suffer distortions that are not insignificant.

For this review on the 2021 version of the Teufel BOOMSTER that’s all. We remind you that the speaker is available for purchase at the recommended price of € 369.99 in the colors Sand White e Black. However, on the occasion of the Black Friday you can find it at a discount. For more information, I refer you to our article with all Teufel offers. In order not to miss future reviews and news from the electronic universe and from the technological one in general, continue to follow the pages of techgameworld.com!

For those looking for unmatched audio quality

Points in favor

  • Unmatched sound quality
  • Ideal design everywhere
  • Remotely manageable by remote control
  • Transportability …
  • Battery Life …

Points against

  • … but excessive size and weight
  • … with low volume range