Teufel Cinebar 11 review: great cinema at home

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Teufel Cinebar 11 review. Today we will test for you the Teufel 2-in-1 Kit, created to immerse you in sound!

Devil, that we have come to know in recent years for having produced audio and non-audio systems, always chasing the Mission of the quality/price ratiohas churned out an audio system, with a low price, but with a great performance value, which makes it decidedly balanced.

Let’s talk about Teufel Cinebar 11 2-in-1 kit, consisting of a speaker, even compact, which represents the subwoofer, and a SoundBar. The kit in combo is really very powerful, and data sheet aside, the audio performance it returns is importantand you immediately realize from the first uses that you are dealing with a valid and quality product.

Teufel Cinebar 11 review: great cinema at home

Let’s get to the heart of the review and find out more about this Teufel Cinebar 11. During the text, the first part will be dedicated to the technical part, while at the end of the review, the chapter where we will talk about our “acoustic” experience after several weeks of use.

Build Quality and Feedback | Teufel Cinebar 11 review

Teufel, has carefully created the two products, which are part of the same Kit. Starting fromanalysis of subwoofer, the structure is made of wood, at least the outermost one, but let’s also suppose the interior is built in this way, as the weight is not indifferent. The surface is smooth, and it is solid and sturdy overall. There are riser feet.

At the rear of the subwoofer we find a regulator, or rather a small “mixer” that quickly changes the setting on 3 audio profilesone more biased towards the bass, one more balanced, and one more biased towards the treble.

We then have a selector that will be set according to the position of the case, if vertical, sideways, or lying on the ground. Then there is the button dedicated to pairing, which by holding it down, the Status LED will flash, and the Soundbar will detect it and proceed automatically with the pairing. On the bottom we then have a recess that crosses the entire base, necessary for the correct propagation of sound. And finally, lastly, we have the power input.

The Soundbar, on the other hand, has several hooks and holes to possibly fix it to supports or to the wall. The Soundbar then has different available connections present.

The front features a interactive LED surfaceit is there that the items will be displayed and the interaction with the menus will take place. Visibility is good, but with very strong direct sunlight you have to make an effort to read better, nothing too bad overall. Then we have the total 8 mini speakers, 4 tweeter speakers for the reproduction of high, medium-high and medium-low sounds. There are also soft touch keys in the upper part, useful for not necessarily using the attached remote control, for quick changes.

The technical specifications | Teufel Cinebar 11 review

We continue the Teufel Cinebar 11 review by talking about the technical specificationslet’s start right from Subwoofer, which presents a width of 12cm, a height of 42cm, a thickness of 42cm, compared with a weight of almost 8kg. We are talking about a product that needs approx 60W constant to ensure correct operation, a high value but not so much as to enter the high end of these products. We then have one frequency of 25Hz, as the minimum limit, and 31Hz as the maximum. The operating range of frequencies is from 31 at 200 Hzed the Woofer has a diameter of 165 mm. The sound pressure level instead reaches 96 dB/1m.

The Soundbar instead has a width of 94.8 cm, a height of 6cm, and a thickness of 8.3cm. For a weight of 1.81kg. In terms of connection we have a AUX port, one Jack 3.5 input, one optical input, on-board Bluetooth 5.0 connection with aptX, one HDMI 3D ARC CEC‌ port, and one HDMI video input.

On the performance and multimedia side we find support for Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II, al DTS Digital Surround, ed infine al Dynamore. Here we have a consumption equal to 150W, and a total output (RMS) of 65W. I Tweeters present have a diameter of 20 mm, and the Midrange of 44 mmwith range of operating frequency ranging from a minimum of 33Hz up to a maximum of 20000 Hz.

Usage and functionality | Teufel Cinebar 11 review

Interpreting the remote control is simple, first let’s see the keys, then we will move on to the functions of the internal menu.

The first 3 are respectively from left to right, key to adjust brightness, just click the key and then using the arrows (+ e -) raise or lower. Then we have the on/off key, and then the silent text.

Just below we have 6 keys in a row. All keys represent the output to be selected based on usage. Therefore, if we have connected a TV or monitor we will put TV or respectively HDMI, be a device Bluetooth the relevant key, and so on.

We go downstairs and find 3 modes of automatic sound adjustment, the musical note represents a balanced setting for the music, the main one highlights the voices, therefore the speech, the key on the left is instead a Setting for the night mode, which lowers the sound levels. Below in the lower part we have the Bass and Treble key, represent hotkeys, just press them and go up and down for bass and treble adjustment. I skip the explanation of the central arrows with the play and stop button for obvious reasons. And we go to the menu.

You enter the menu with the key on the right indicated by the 3 bar lines. On Sound (first setting) we have the technical sound adjustments, up Speaker Subwoofer and Soundbar placement distance settings. On System we then have many settings relating to the date and time, and other data, including the section Advanced where we have further connection adjustments and the part relating to software updates.

The lowest key present, is related to the setting On Off of Dynamic mode. Activated, the mode in question will enable three-dimensional surround sound, decidedly immersive and engaging.

Using this kit is simple, the first thing we will do is connect both devices, and leave them active, after which we will press the Bluetooth button and the writing pairing will appear, after which it will be enough to pair the mother device to a smartphone or any other device. Once connected to the main Soundbar, the subwoofer will connect automatically, to test the functioning of both devices we will go to System, Speaker, Calib.(calibration) and scroll until we find Test, after which going up and down the audio will switch from the Soundbar to the subwoofer.

How does it sound?

At this point in the review of this Teufel Cinebar 11, it’s time to talk about how this product actually sounds. And simplifying everything in a nutshell, very good.

It is always very subjective to return the sensations and acoustic perceptions obtained, however we did some tests, opting for different songs among them, some having more bass, some having very present and full-bodied mids, and some having sounds unbalanced towards the highs. The yield, keeping the subwoofer and Soundbar settings automatically, has always given us excellent audio quality.

By assigning a score linked to the fidelity of each frequency tested, we saw that the bass is decidedly full-bodied and full, with the only defect that if too highlighted by some profiles, they cover the high frequencies excessively, the bass is reproduced well by looking at the average of the products on the market sometimes tend to be suppressed by the treble, and the latter, on the other hand, are the ones that perhaps the most of all, are reproduced to perfection. All sounds are perceived, and the maximum volume is very high.

Overall, using the integrated automatic profiles the yield is excellent, then going to adjust according to the type of use we will make of it, we will be able to optimize the sound produced to our liking. The maximum volume, decidedly high, does not produce distortions in the low and medium frequencies, only slightly in the high tones, only from volume 95 upwards.

The sound in general is very enjoyable, it also works perfectly connected to a TV. What is so striking is the quality of the Dynamore, activated this mode the yield is really fantastic, and the sound becomes very immersive and engaging. Although the Kit has no external speakers to be placed on the side, the sensation of sounds arriving from other directions is very present.

We carried out a small test, placing the product in an area without the presence of echoes, well ventilated, and without obstacles that could make the sound rumble or produce reverberationwe placed ourselves 10 meters away, and we measured the sound produced at 90% volume, and the data obtained is really high considering the Wattage of the product.

Conclusions and price

What to say, having come to the end of this review, after thoroughly testing the new Teufel Cinebar 11 kit, we can state that we are fully satisfied with the product. It is difficult to find weak points, and also difficult to criticize the price, which for a total of 300 Euros, at least, this is the active price at the time of writing this article, is really balanced and compared to what it is able to offer. The performances are above average, and the flexibility of this product in terms of use is really high, since we can use it both for connection to a TV and as a “simple” speaker.

Furthermore, not least, the aesthetic side is a point in favor, as it is not only very elegant and minimal, but does not have opulent elements, so in a living room, as in a studio, it doesn’t attract much attention. In conclusion, we recommend the purchase of this product without hesitation. If you want to keep learning about the latest news from the hardware world, keep following us. Greetings from TechGameWorld.com.

Plus points

  • Value for money
  • Build quality
  • Reproduction fidelity
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