Teufel: here are the devices that are “friends” of sport

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Teufel presents its sports-friendly devices. Headphones, good music and sport: this is the perfect recipe for a successful workout, especially now that the temperatures are slowly becoming milder

Listening to music while playing sports not only helps make physical activity more enjoyable and stimulating, but can also improve athletic performance and preparation. With audio devices made in Berlin from Teufel you will enjoy crystal-clear, high-quality sound, without having to give up freedom of movement. With a long-lasting battery, light and practical, the headphones will allow you to move freely during your workout, with no wires that can hinder your movements. And if you like more enveloping headphones, the German brand has what you need.

Teufel: here are the devices "friends" of sport

Teufel: here are the devices for sports lovers

By choosing your favorite playlist, you can customize your workout based on your musical tastes and needs. Lover of rock, dance music or rap, you will surely find the right soundtrack to motivate and inspire you to give your best during your workout. Music while exercising will make reaching your fitness goals easier and more enjoyable. Here, then, are the ideal partners for training indoors and outdoors by Teufel.

Among the sports-friendly devices are the professional wireless in-ears with HD linear drivers by Teufel

Designed to offer high listening quality, maximum resistance and autonomy during sessions. The AIRY SPORTS TWS with high resilience linear HD drivers with a response for precise highs, warm mids and powerful lows. Up to 31 hours of battery life with charging case, over 7 hours of playback on one charge. Available in Black colour. Price: €149.99, now in promotion at € 99.99.

Teufel: here are the devices "friends" of sport

Rewal Blue NC

The REAL BLUE NC over-ear headphones have large drivers with a ventilated rear chamber that guarantee precise, powerful and stable sound at all times. Customizable thanks to the Teufel Headphones app for Android and iOS. Equipped with ANC technology, they allow balanced noise reduction across the entire frequency range, minimal headphone noise and efficient processes for low power consumption. REALs can also amplify noise; by activating transparency mode at the push of a button, external sound is amplified via the built-in microphone. The only thing one might fear is that the smartphone battery will run out before the headphones. This is because REAL BLUE NC, with their well over 40 hours of battery life with ANC activated, they definitely last longer than the phone. Price: €229.99, now in promotion at € 149.99;

Teufel: here are the devices "friends" of sport


They are in-ear Bluetooth headphones with linear HD driver, ideal for playing loud music from Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music and Co, during sports. Resistant and waterproof (they have IPX7 waterproof certification) they allow sportsmen to never stop even in bad weather. Stable thanks to the soft and flexible hooks, the headphones guarantee freedom of movement and clear sound in any situation. Through the ShareMe function it is also possible to connect two headphones wirelessly to a smartphone and thus enjoy good music in company, even during sports. The battery guarantees up to 25 hours of automatic playback. Price €119.99, now on offer at € 79.99.

Teufel: here are the devices "friends" of sport


The brand’s latest novelty launched at the beginning of the month are in-ear headphones, equipped with active noise cancellation and a long-lasting battery. Real Blue TWS 2 headphones are comfortable to wear, thanks also to the five pairs of super soft silicone earphones included, with sizes ranging from XS to XL. Suitable for any ear, they can also be used in Transparency mode, which reverses the noise suppression so you can hear external sounds. Furthermore, integration with the proprietary Teufel Headphones app will allow the most ardent audiophiles to manage the equalization of in-ear headphones directly from their smartphones. Prezzo € 149,99.

Teufel: here are the devices "friends" of sport

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