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TEUFEL: present headphones and earphones for all needs

TEUFEL presented its wide range of headphones and earphones for every need. From study or work, to sport or simply for relaxation

Devil (click here for more info on the company) is the largest direct seller of audio products in Europe. The wide range of devices includes home theater systems, TV audio solutions, multimedia systems, classic Hi-Fi. And again, headphones, Bluetooth and multi-room speakers with Raumfeld internal transmission technology. The company was founded in 1979 in Berlin with the development of speaker kits and is now a renowned consumer electronics brand in Europe and China. Since its inception, sound quality has always been Teufel’s top priority. Countless awards from consumers, print and online media are proof of its success. Teufel products are available exclusively at web store devil e in brand stores.

Details on the wide range of Teufel headphones and earphones

The wireless earphones they have become indispensable companions in the daily routine for all kinds of activities, from play to work. Teufel is the perfect companion for listening to music during a sports session, in smart working, on the road or simply at home. The Teufel company, in fact, thanks to quality of its audio systemsoffers different devices for every need.

TEUFEL: present headphones and earphones for all needs

Real Blu NC

Indispensable on airplanes and trains, with headphones REAL BLU NC with active noise cancellation, you can enjoy a TV series or playlist without hearing outside noises. Equipped with modern Bluetooth and an even longer autonomy (up to 41 hours). The price is updated around 229.99 euros, but now in offer at € 149.99. Available in Night Black, Pearl White, Steel Blue colors.

Airy Sports

The AIRY SPORTS they are headphones Bluetooth in-ear, ideal for playing loud music from Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music and Co, during a long running session. Resistant even in bad weather and particularly intense workouts, they allow athletes to never stop. The price is € 119.99, but now you will find them in offer at € 59.99. Available in Night Black, Moon Gray, Steel Blue, Coral Pink and Arctic Blue colors.

TEUFEL: present headphones and earphones for all needs

Airy Sports TWS

AIRY SPORTS TWS they do not fall as quickly as you start during a run, they are resistant to rain and sweat (IPX3). Wireless and high resilience linear HD drivers, with aautonomy up to 31 hours with case. The price is around € 149.99, but you will find them now in offer for only € 129.99. Available in Night Black color.

TEUFEL: present headphones and earphones for all needs

Supreme ON – Sound ON

SUPREME ON –  SOUND ON they are stylish, colorful and powerful Bluetooth headphones. Tireless, they have one duration of 30 hours. A perfect ally for any trip and / or during a working day. Thanks to the headphone detection on the ear, playback will start as soon as the headphones are put on, It will stop automatically when removed. The price is 149.99 euros, but you will find them now in offer at € 99.99. Available in Night Black, Moon Gray, Ivy Green, Pale Gold, Sand White and Space Blue colors

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