Apple still working on the Mac mini with M2 chip

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In the latest edition of the Power On newsletter, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman talks about Apple’s plans for the Mac mini con chip M2 e M2 Pro. Apparently, in fact, the company is still working on the launch of new products, even if it seems that these will not present great news compared to the previous models. “Expect a Mac mini update to include both M2 and M2 Pro options,” writes Gurman. Also, I don’t think the car will undergo any major redesign in the short term ”.

Mac mini M2: Apple still working on the new device

9to5Mac has already exclusively reported that Apple is developing two new versions of the Mac mini: one with the M2 chip and the other with the M2 Pro. The product code name would be J473, to distinguish it from the one that will come with a chip M2 Pro Max – codenamed J474 -, which will also have eight high-performance cores and four super-efficient CPU cores. Additionally, 9to5Mac sources believe Apple has no plans to release a version of the Mac mini with the M2 Max or Ultra chips, which may be reserved for the new Mac Pro instead.

Speaking of M2 chips, Mark Gurman also claims that the Mac Studio may be a short-lived product for the Cupertino-based company. After all, there would be no specific reason on the part of users to “have both a Mac Studio and a Mac Pro“, both being aimed at the same (restricted) niche of the public. Finally, the Bloomberg expert released another interesting tease on Apple’s new chip, announcing that a new one MacBook Pro con M2 Pro e M2 Max it is ready to arrive on the market between the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023. In short, many news from the Cupertino company. Now it remains only to understand when these projects will become real products.