Teufel Supreme On review: on-ear headphones one step away from the top

In this review we will discover the strengths and weaknesses of the Teufel Supreme On, an on-ear headset with an appreciated design and an honest price

Let’s go back to talking about headphones, this time on-ear. We speak, in fact, of Teufel Supreme On, model of the historic brand that for several decades now satisfies even the most demanding ears. Below, a series of paragraphs with which I will try to transfer mine sensations on this headset that has definitely convinced me at the audio level, but which in my opinion lacks some details.

Packaging and unboxing | Teufel Supreme On Review

I have always been a staunch supporter of the motto “the form is important, but the content even more”, however when it comes to such important brand products the best is always expected. In this respect, unfortunately, this model did not satisfy me completely, as the the packaging with which it arrives is objectively sparse. Box totally in cardboard left natural and black prints. Inside the package, which still protects the contents well, we find the headphones with the cable supplied USB-C for charging, a jack cable to use the headset in a wired manner and a comfortable fabric bag to transport them safely.

Technical features

Let’s start with the weight, very low (and appreciated) which is just under 200 grams. As connectivity we find:

  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Ingresso jack 3,5 mm
  • Bluetooth AAC
  • Bluetooth aptX
  • Speakerphone
  • NFC

The autonomy declared by the company is about 25 hours at medium volume. The speakers on board are 40 mm in diameter with a frequency range from 10 to 20 KHz with an impedance of 26 Ohms.

Design and first impressions | Teufel Supreme On Review

Beyond the definitely improvable packaging, the style of the Supreme On it’s really nice. Essential, small, with studied details and in my opinion successful. I find it very satisfying surface in fabric of the upper part, as well as comfortable the padded part that comes into contact with the boss. THE pavilions they too are enough comfortable: they press the ears in an important way thus ensuring good sound insulation but are not intrusive or annoying. Even the small size in my opinion was spot on, as I find them a lot suitable also to female faces, typically thinner and smaller.

Also there layout of the keys on the pavilions in my opinion is a lot successful. On the left pavilion we find the headphone jack input, the usb-c input for charging and the on / off button. I particularly liked the groove of the power button which makes it comodo e easily distinguishable from the very first use. On the right pavilion, however, a comfortable and not too traditional joystick which allows you to adjust the volume and change tracks.

Main functions | Teufel Supreme On Review

Teufel Supreme On boasts very important functions that are difficult to find in headphones of the same price range. First of all, Bluetooth 5.0 aptX e AAC for streaming music in high quality from Spotify, Deezer, Youtube, Apple Music etc. Another particularly appreciated function, by now I would dare to say inevitable, is NFC. The latter, as you know, ensures lightning-fast pairing with the device.

On board the Supreme On we find two microphones and technology Qualcomm cVc for wireless calls, Skype, Facetime with voice control via Google / Siri. Also available is the ShareMe function, which allows you to connect two headphones in wireless mode to the same smartphone or the Party function which allows you to connect the headset to two different devices.

The last two details, however worthy of note, are definitely the space-saving folding headband that allows you to fold the headset and make it truly almost pocketable and‘Dedicated app. The latter, available both on Android than on iOS, allows:

  • Function ShareMe
  • Equalizer
  • Control of the battery level
  • Advanced settings (automatic standby, smart pause)

Just about the last mentioned function, the smart pause, it is legitimate to say a few words. I was lucky enough to test it in other headphones and I think it is a real convenience. This is a function that, through a proximity sensor, understands when the headset is worn. When you remove it from the garment, the execution will automatically pause and then restart once the headset is put on again.

How does she feel? | Teufel Supreme On Review

We come to the crux, which is why you are probably reading this review. How do these Supreme Ons feel? The sound in my opinion is very balanced, defining it flat would be perhaps the most technical but at the same time precise way. All of the above statements were obtained using the “Neutral” mode from the App. Needless to say, then, being able to count on aapplication so complete, need e well done, you just have to indulge yourself in finding the perfect equalization for your ear and your tastes.

The mode I loved is definitely “Bass Boost“, Which gives a powerful but never exaggerated bass boost. Among all, then, there is the possibility of set each parameter in a personalized way. Never as in this headset have I appreciated the possibility of choice, the actual response of the headphones to the modification of the parameters in real-time. There is no doubt about this point of view: it is a top of the range.

Conclusions and prices

It is time to take stock and write down some judgments, mine, which I hope, however, can be shared by you. I found the Teufel Supreme On headphones with a truly exceptional audio sectorprobably The best never try it from me. The application Teufel Headphone in my opinion alone worth the price headphones as it really allows you to get the sound you really want and expect in relation to your tastes. If we add to all this a style in my opinion successful and a noteworthy engineering intelligence, here is my thoughts on these headphones. It must be said anyway some defect was found: I think about the packaging, or theabsence of active noise cancellation (which in my opinion is not essential but on this price range it could have been), and at theautonomy (25 hours, maximum 30) which however is not enviable.

There is nothing to say. Teufel Supreme On have clearly convinced me, and the price at which you can take them home, which staggers between € 130 and € 150 depending on the period, make it in my opinion one of the most successful headphones in recent years. What do you think about it? Let us know with a comment below and keep reading allotek to stay updated on the latest news and more.

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