TGA 2021: announced with an official Sonic Frontiers trailer, with release window!

On the occasion of TGA 2021, we were able to take a first look at Sonic Frontiers, the highly anticipated new title in the series. Let’s find out all the details in this news

After the numerous speculations of the past few months, that they wanted a new chapter of Sonic coming (with probable announcement during the Game Awards ceremony), now we are finally here. On the occasion of the TGA 2021, in fact, SEGA has officially announced Sonic Frontiers, the next title dedicated to the famous blue hedgehog. In the trailer we can enjoy a glimpse of this new adventure, and all the news about it, including some previews of really interesting new gameplay mechanics.

Many new titles at TGA 2021, there is also Sonic Frontiers

A new title dedicated to the famous SEGA mascot was now practically certain. All that was missing was an official announcement, and what better time than TGA 2021 to finally show Sonic Frontiers to the world. Known initially with the title of Rangers (later discarded), the new chapter dedicated to the blue hedgehog will be, as also anticipated by some revelations of the past months, a platform game that will also incorporate elements typical of the open world.

As shown in the trailer during the ceremony, in fact, Sonic Frontiers will introduce new mechanics for the series, thanks to a gameplay built on the freedom of approach and exploration of the game levels. The title will arrive on all platforms in the course of 2022 and precisely, as a launch window, we can mark “holiday 2022”.

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