TGA 2021: Star Wars Eclipse has finally been revealed to the public!

Star Wars Eclipse, the Quantic Dream game set in the High Republic period, has finally been officially revealed at TGA 2021

Now it’s official: Star Wars Eclipse has been announced at TGA 2021. The game had already been the subject of several rumors not long ago, and finally these rumors were confirmed in the trailer presented at the Awards of the December 9. The production company Quantic Dream is known to most for titles of graphic adventure like Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human, and Star Wars Eclipse would represent a novelty for the company (as an action game).

TGA 2021: Here’s what we know about Star Wars Eclipse

The reveal of Star Wars Eclipse at TGA 2021 was accompanied by a trailer that showed the first images of the game. In the trailer they are clearly seen Yoda and the planet Naboo, in addition to the introduction of new characters and new planets probably explorable (the game will probably be a open world). At the beginning of the year Disney had announced the end of the exclusivity of the collaboration with Electronic Arts as regards the Star Wars themed videogames, and this has already been seen with the announcement of the DLC of Star Wars The Old Republic (whose release has been postponed to the beginning of 2022) produced by BioWare (e il remake di Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic di Aspyr Media).

Star Wars Eclipse It doesn’t have a specific release date yet, but we know that the game is still in the early stages of its development. The game will be set in the golden age of the Jedi, that ofHigh Republic (about 800 years before the fall of the Old Republic, and 200 years before the events observed in the first chapter of the prequel trilogy of the Star Wars movies, The Phantom Menace). The game could be one exclusive PlayStation and PC (as Detroit: Become Human had been) but there is still no certain news about this. The trailer does not show a real one gameplay, so to see what the game will actually look like we will have to wait a little longer.

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