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The 10 best mobile video games to play on vacation

The summer holidays are almost upon us, indeed for many they have already begun, and to pass the time between a bath and another, what better pastime than a good game of a good video game? Enjoying a fun title under the umbrella is one of the best ways to relax under the umbrella for fans, but those games that allow us to explore the surroundings through augmented reality are also not to be underestimated. We at Tech Princess we have compiled a list of the 10 best mobile video games to play during your vacation, to help you choose your summer pastime.

The 10 best mobile video games to play on vacation

1) Magic: The Gathering Arena

Let’s start with a classic, namely the digital version of Magic: The Gathering available for Android and iOS devices. This title perfectly transposes the spirit of the Wizards of the Coast card game and is a must if you have found yourself competing in this game at least once in your life. Not to mention that playing cards on the beach is now a consolidated tradition throughout the boot.

Best holiday mobile video games

Anyway, if you already know the rules of Magic, you will find a rather familiar environment to welcome you, since the game mechanics are essentially identical to those of the paper game. If you are a novice player, rest assured, the app does a great job of introducing you in all its subtleties and you should be ready to go into battle against other users within a few hours.

2) Pokémon GO

Are you at the seaside to relax but don’t mind a healthy walk from time to time? In this case Pokémon GO is undoubtedly the game for you. The augmented reality title developed by Niantic has recently turned five years of age, and it can be said that it has never been so fit, between events and activities to be carried out. All of course by capturing Pokémon in the real world and conquering the nearby gyms.

Best holiday mobile video games

Pokémon GO is the ideal game if you want to take a break from the beach to discover something more about the place where you are on holiday, since each Pokéstop and each gym in the game is associated with a real place, often of interest, such as a monument, a square or a work. In short, the ideal application to carry out some alternative tourism and certainly worthy of being counted among the 10 best mobile video games for your holiday.

3) The Witcher: Monster Slayer

Don’t like Pokémon? Don’t worry, with The Witcher Monster Slayer you can take advantage of the same playful offer, but set in the narrative universe of The Witcher. This recently released mobile game makes use of augmented reality to offer us an alternative version of the city or country we are in, chock full of monsters and hellish creatures to defeat.

The Witcher: Monster Slayer

Exploration is very similar to that seen in Pokémon Go, but the gameplay here is definitely more profound, thanks to an acute combat system based on swipes and taps. The game is still relatively new to the market and differs from its peers by a focus on storytelling, which makes for a really enjoyable progression.

4) Tetris

Impossible not to mention Tetris in this list. This game is a piece of history and as such must be respected, as well as being an excellent video game that has stood the test of time. Tetris can be played anywhere and in any situation, including beaches, and thanks to it we will always have something to have fun with.

Best holiday mobile video games

The modern version of this video game comes complete with a myriad of modes, many of which have evolved and changed its basic formula, and is undoubtedly one of our most recommended video games for your vacation. The title is available on the devices Android and iOS and even on the Nintendo Switch in the Tetris 99 version, if you have one.

5) Among Us

From history to contemporaneity, let’s move on to Among Us, the online board game that has won numerous awards in recent times, also thanks to a particularly affectionate fanbase. Among Us is basically a game based on deduction, in which a team of a variable number of players must find out who the imposter is.

Among Us

The user who plays the role of this antagonist must instead kill the crew members one by one, until the field is completely free. It is therefore a virtual transposition of a board game e we recommend it especially if you can play it with friends.

6) Mario Kart Tour

The Mario Kart series has always been an evergreen on many platforms and, thanks to Mario Kart Tour, you can also enjoy it on mobile devices, both Android and iOS. The game in question reuses and assembles various features deriving from many of the Mario Kart of the past, proposing the traditional and beloved formula based on races of wacky vehicles and races against real opponents or against artificial intelligence.

The title is also strong with great replayability, which makes it the perfect video game to pick up between a bath and another or simply for an alternative parenthesis in a moment of boredom. And if you manage to set up a tournament between deckchairs, even better.

7) Pinball Deluxe: Reloaded

Let’s step back in time again with Pinball Delux: Reloaded, which is exactly what you expect: an improved and extended version of the legendary Pinball, the digital bar pinball machine that brightened our days in the early 2000s.

Best holiday mobile video games

This series is among the longest-running and ubiquitous on the market to the point that everyone in our life has played it at least once.

8) Monument Valley 2

It is undoubtedly one of the most successful titles on mobile devices: Monument Valley 2, a game that has totaled over thirty million downloads between iOS and Android systems. The puzzle genre, on the other hand, lends itself particularly well to the holiday imaginary, and Momunent Valley is a very elegant summa of it.

As simple as it is satisfying. Specifically, what we are facing is an isometric top view adventure in which we have to guide the protagonist through labyrinths full of optical illusions and impossible roads.

9) Head Ball 2

Head Ball 2 is another title with tens of millions of downloads, with a very simple but very fun and long-lived formula: these are 1 vs 1 online challenges, in a soccer match played in 2d horizontal scrolling, where they will face each other 2 soccer players composed of a nice big head and a foot.

Of course, to win you will have to score more goals than the opponent within the timer. This game guarantees fast and fun action and is sure to be a nice application for football lovers to play in comfort during the holidays.

10) NBA2K Mobile

If you are a basketball fan instead NBA 2K Mobile it’s the game for you. The title closely harks back to MyTeam mode and puts all the official NBA licenses for teams and players in the palm of our hands with the ability to play our career in single player or face real opponents in multiplayer.

The gameplay offers the possibility to set the autoplay, in case you want to focus more on the managerial aspect or if you don’t like the touch controls.

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