Trust GXT 414 Zamak Premium review: comfortable and sober

The Trust GXT 414 Zamak Premium represent the European company’s proposal for the high-end headphones dedicated to the world of gaming. Let’s find out the pros and cons in this full review

The extraordinary diffusion of branded products Trust not only online but also within the major shopping centers of our country, combined with a desire to offer peripherals for PCs with particular pay attention to the selling price, have made the company based in the Netherlands, among the best known in Italy. Most likely, in the vast majority of homes where a PC is present, a Trust house product.

Within this review we will be putting the spotlight on Trust GXT 414 Zamak Premium, a high-end proposal for what concerns the line up of the company, but which within the market, for characteristics and sale price, are positioned in a crowded mid-range of best buys. Despite the gaming soul, you will not find particular glitz and frills on this headset. After having tested them for a long time, however, one would think that most likely they could have enjoyed a little more attention to detail and some small improvements to be able to align with the other proposals within the same price range. Let’s go into detail.

Design and construction: low weight for comfort over time – Trust GXT 414 Zamak Premium review

The very first impact with the GXT 414 Zamak Premium will make immediately please your head thanks to only 273g of weight. Lightweight metal and plastic make up the entire structure of the headphones, giving a feeling of tangible quality and strength but at the same time maintaining the weight at minimum terms. This combination is perhaps the quality that we most appreciated about this product, which can be worn for several hours without ever having problems arising from the weight. Different speech for the synthetic leather used to cover the auricles, a material that unfortunately does not go well with the scorching summer temperatures, accentuating sweating. Adjustable in a little to all the desired positions, they find the junction of the two pavilions in the padded sponge headband, all while remaining not particularly bulky, amplifying the possibility of being used also outdoors connected to mobile devices. Simple and without “wow effect”, that’s how I would define the total black design with white logo of these headphones, no LEDs or noteworthy details.

The Trust GXT 414 Zamak Premium are a classic and, we would say, not so usual anymore, headset con jack da 3,5mm and nothing else. In fact, inside the sales package you will not find anything other than: headphones, removable microphone, cable for connecting to PC and cable for connecting to mobile devices. While the lack of a card for connection via USB may not have a huge impact in the quality of the audio, it is still an important lack, even trivially to have more freedom in managing connections. Without forgetting the impossibility of having equalizzazioni preset details.

Inside the auricles there are the driver da 53mm for a range of frequencies of 20 – 20,000 Hz. By now I tend to prefer this dimensional characteristic of the drivers to the detriment of more “small” headphones that often tend to lack personal dynamics. Too bad there is also no button along the cables to adjust the volume or decide to mute the microphone, a convenience not just for all habitual online calls.

Audio Performance: Immersive but Poorly Defined – Trust GXT 414 Zamak Premium Review

The headphones are designed to be used on PCs, laptops, consoles and mobile devices without giving up a more than discreet audio quality in any context. Being gaming headphones, however, we will focus on this type of use. In general, the audio generated by the drivers guarantees a good range of frequencies both in calm and more agitated situations. L’immersion and the sense of spatiality they are more than good. Through our tests we have always managed to identify the noisy source in the space, therefore the quality of the directional audio should not be underestimated, especially if you spend many hours on FPS.

Overall, the reproduced audio is strongly characterized by preponderant low frequenciesi, slightly fugitive averages and convincing highs. However, what does not fully convince is the cleanliness of the audio, which tends to mix with the risk of losing some details. We are certainly far from a quality that would drive audiophiles crazy and, personally, I would never consider buying it for use other than gaming. In this context, however, despite the limitations, the Trust GXT 414 Zamak Premium are able to represent a more than convincing choice on any type of game. The maximum volume that can be reached, for lovers like me of considerable sound pressures, does not disappoint at all.

Excellent quality of the microphone omnidirectional condenser with the option to be removed, perfect for calls, video calls or in-game conversations. Also noteworthy is the presence of a microphone on the cable intended for use with headphones on smartphones, an important aid in order not to lose any possibility of use.

Personalization and functionality: nothing to report, unfortunately – Trust GXT 414 Zamak Premium review

As widely stated in the review, you shouldn’t expect anything more than simple plug and play for these GXT 414 Zamak. The absence of a USB card means no driver to install, no control application, no 7.1 surround and no possibility to manage different parameters. Paradoxically, however, despite the sale price I would have expected this type of connection, I am convinced that there are those who, by necessity or taste, are in search of this simplicity.

It is time to take stock

The Trust GXT 414 Zamak Premium are headphones with animo da gaming but without all those added values ​​that define most of the rivals in this category. They excel in terms of comfort but cannot do the same if you are looking for detail in sound reproduction.

At the selling price of circa 60€ compete with virtually the broadest part of the gaming headset market. I recommend the purchase if you find on offer and aware of the limitations due to the absence of a USB connection.

Points in favor

  • Comfort
  • Build quality
  • Good audio ..

Points against

  • .. little detailed
  • Total lack of customization
  • Price not in line with other proposals
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