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The 10 most searched cars online in 2022, the ranking

What are the vehicles most appreciated by Italians? Which are the most dreamed of? Carvago.comEuropean marketplace with over 700,000 cars available, he takes away this curiosity with the ranking of the ten most sought-after cars in our country and also in Germany in 2022.

The 10 most searched cars online in 2022, the ranking

Both in Italy and in Germany, it is the German car manufacturers that conquer the podium of the most sought after. BMW, Mercedes-Benz e Audio in fact they are highly sought after in both countries. But in Italy there is some loyalty to our national brands: Fiat comes in fifth place and Alfa Romeo to seventh, while in Germany it comes twelfth. In Germany, Japanese brands such as Toyota, Mazda and Honda.

The ranking of 10 most searched cars in 2022 according to see:

  • audi A3,
  • Audi Q3,
  • Volkswagen family group golf,
  • Audi A4, BMW X1,
  • Audi A1,
  • BMW Family 1,
  • Alfa Romeo Family Giulia,
  • Fiat Model Family Panda,
  • Wolkswagen Tiguan.

In Germany instead we find BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Skoda, Ford, Toyota, Volvo, Mazda and Hyundai.

According to the survey, Italians appreciate cars hybrids they EV more than the Germans: i20% of searches in Italy concern this category, against 15% in Germany. And they also want more power: if “150 horsepower or more” appears in Germany, we are not satisfied with less than 200.

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Antonio Gentile, Country Manager of Carvago in Italy, explains: “Due to the nature of our business in Europe, we must be able to meet the different expectations of our customers. Even if the comparison between us Italians and the rest of Europe shows that we have a particular taste for cars and that Italians are still attracted by high-performance models”.

Italians also demonstrate that they are more often looking for family cars, with the first five places in the claffic all being five-seaters. Also, they have interests like model for families (65,79%), prezzo (51,2%), fittings (58,6%), matriculation (47,14%) e mileage (36,79%).

Lastly, the growth of auto cars is interesting cabriolet: in our country, 17% of users look for them on, against 5% of Germans.

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