The 5 best mobile games to play under the umbrella

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The torrid summer of 2023 comes alive, with absurd temperatures and the desire to throw your head into the water. However, gaming enthusiasts know well that you cannot bring your favorite console under an umbrella. If you really don’t like crosswords and sudoku, then the best option is to choose a smartphone game. Which? Don’t worry, we’ll help you: here’s ours Top 5 of the best mobile games to play this summeravailable on iOS (via App Store) and Android (Google Play Store)

Best mobile games for summer 2023

Fishing Clash: Fishing Game

As you may have guessed from the caption title, Fishing Clash is a fishing game with a large selection of fish to catch. The title offers thematic events for most of the summer (for example, the American Summer event, set in Florida, has just ended). The title also offers a Seasonal Battle Pass with free rewards, as well as the ability to purchase upgrades with microtransactions. Who sleeps (under the umbrella) does not catch fish!

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Rush Royale

Those who love strategy games and PvP challenges can’t miss the opportunity to participate in the new event Beach party Of Rush Royale. The event offers the chance to level up your heroes, choosing from a wide variety of units, both adorable and fearsome. These include Archers, sharp-shooting Trappers, Furious Macers, and graceful Blade Dancers. Good defense of the (sand) castle.

Merge Mansion

Merge Mansion is a relaxing puzzle game that leads you to discover the mysteries of a seemingly haunted mansion. In this game, you will have to help Roddy, who has organized a summer camp in his grandmother’s garden, to understand what is happening on the Boulton estate. To do this you will have to combine various objects with each other and use them to restore the villa, arrange the gardens, plant flowers, make incredible discoveries and solve the puzzles scattered throughout the property.

Hero Wars – Fantasy idle RPG

An online RPG that allows you to create your own team of heroes and heroines to fight against the evil Archdemon who threatens the lands of Dominion. Among the many characters available also the new Cascade, a Water Titan belonging to the Arcane Path faction.

Harry Potter: Discover the Magic

Nobody wants to go back to school in the summer, unless the school is called Hogwarts. In our list of the best mobile games under the umbrella we could not fail to include the new Harry Potter game (after all, the letters for Hogwarts arrive at this time of year). Take on the role of a young first year student in a… magical story. For further information, we refer you to our review of Harry Potter: Discover the Magic.

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