Festival di Venezia 2023: il poster dell'ottantesima Mostra

Venice Film Festival 2023: the eightieth Venice Film Festival poster

Inspired by on-the-road cinema and created by Lorenzo Mattotti, here is the official poster of the 80th Venice Film Festival

For the sixth consecutive year, it is the Italian illustrator and author Lorenzo Mattotti to sign the image of the official poster of the Venice Biennale International Film Festival, now in its eightieth edition, which will be held from 30 August to 9 September 2023. Mattotti himself, who also signed the official theme song of the festival, explained the meaning of his creation.

The image is inspired by the tradition of cinema on the road and in this way aims to express feelings of freedom, adventure and the discovery of new territories. I played with graphics to represent new worlds to explore through Cinema. We are convinced that there is a great future for Cinema that looks far ahead and ventures into new paths. Furthermore, this year the Exhibition is celebrating its 80th edition and we wanted to commemorate it in the number that appears on the license plate of an imaginary car. Of course there are many films that can be evoked by looking at this image, for example Overtaking, Easy Rider or Thelma and Louise. Everyone finds his film on the road. It is a wish for Cinema, that it goes far and runs towards the future. A future made of explorations, in search of new frontiers: a bright and colorful cinema.

Venice Film Festival 2023: the eightieth Venice Film Festival poster

The official poster of the 80th edition of the Venice Film Festival

The complete program of the Venice Film Festival 2023 will be announced Tuesday 25 at 11during a presentation given by Robert CicuttoPresident of the Venice Biennale, e Alberto BarberaArtistic Director of the Cinema Sector, which will be possible to follow live streaming on the Biennale website and on its Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels. The International Juries, the pre-opening, the opening and closing film, and the restoration program of the Venezia Classici section have already been announced for Venice 80. We will update you on the full program on our page dedicated to films and TV series.

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