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The 5 best news of watchOS 9

After unveiling three new Apple Watches during the “Far Out” event, now Apple has finally decided to release watchOS 9 for all its users. After three months of beta testing, the update will now be available to owners of Apple Watch Series 4 and later models. But what are the news that we should expect? Here are five of the coolest new features coming to your wearables.

watchOS 9: the 5 most interesting news

App Workout

Among the most interesting news of watchOS 9 there is certainly the optimization ofApp Workout, with the addition of useful features for people who like to train. Among these, some are especially to be emphasized options designed for runners, which can now access the display of some metrics simply by turning the digital crown of the smartwatch. Heart rate, power, elevation and activity loops can be accessed quickly and easily, just as a runner would like during a training session.

App Sleep

After introducing the Sleep App with watchOS 8, now Apple is finally adding new features to make it more usable by users. With watchOS 9, in fact, you can see how much time you have spent in REM phase, Core o Deep Sleep, as well as when you might wake up. Added to these details is the display of metrics such as heart rate and the breath frequency. In short, a complete picture for those who want to monitor their condition during sleep.

watchOS 9

New dials

With the new watchOS update, Apple adds four new watch faces to its smartwatches:

  • Lunarwhich “depicts the relationship between the Gregorian calendar and the lunar calendar”
  • Playtimea dynamic and interactive watch face created in collaboration with the illustrator and artist Joi Fulton
  • Metropolitana classic dial that replicates a analog clock but with multiple customization options
  • Astronomya revamped version of an option already available, which adds super detailed 3D versions of the Earth and the Moon.

Additionally, Apple has also chosen to upgrade existing watch faces to take advantage of the larger displays available on the Apple Watch. And as if that weren’t enough, it added the ability to view portraits of pets on Portrait dial. Finally, all Nike dials are available for watchOS 9 users.

App Medications

The new Medications App allows all Apple Watch owners to discreetly and conveniently track their intake medications, vitamins e supplements. Furthermore, this new application combines very well with Cycle Trackingan App used to monitor menstrual cycles.

AFib Chronology

If you have been diagnosed an atrial fibrillation, the watchOS 9 AFib History will help you track an estimate of how often your heart is in arrhythmia. A particularly useful option to avoid the risk of dangerous complications. Additionally, in the Health App you will be able to identify lifestyle factors that can affect the amount of time you spend in atrial fibrillation, such as sleep, exercise and weight. And easily share them with your doctor.

Five absolutely useful news for sports and non-sportsmen. Now, all that remains is to figure out which of these is your favorite.

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