The advice for safe shopping from the Postal Police and Subito

I consigli per acquisti in sicurezza della Polizia Postale e di Subito thumbnail

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The collaboration between Postal and Communications Police and Subito goes ahead and proposes today un list of 5 shopping tips to follow during online shopping to buy remotely and safely. In this period of pre-Christmas shopping, purchases multiply and the risks for consumers also grow. For this reason, the advice of the Postal and Communications Police and Subito can represent important guidelines to follow.

The tips for buying safely from the Postal Police and Subito

The first tip is to Inquire about. Before completing the purchase, you must always check all the details, analyze the price and read the descriptions of the products you are about to purchase. Always prefer products with clear and detailed photos and, if possible, with videos or virtual tours. Contact the advertiser directly, using the integrated chat of the platform you are using if available, wary of those who insistently ask to be contacted via email or on alternative chats.

Furthermore, protect personal and sensitive data, providing only the data necessary for the purchase you are completing. Another piece of advice from the Postal and Communications Police and Subito concerns payments. It’s important always choose official payment and shipping systems, integrated into the purchasing process and traceable. It’s important consult the feedback and give your opinion regarding the purchases made. This will make it easier for you to spot honest sellers.

Subito’s comment

Massimiliano Dotti, Subito’s Customer Experience Director says: “We do a lot to make Subito a safe place, but as the leader of private trading in Italy we also have a responsibility to help our users make informed decisions. In this, the collaboration with the Postal Police is decisive for us, especially in terms of prevention and information “