The Apple Devices app for Windows mentions Apple’s AR/VR headset

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iTunes will disappear from computers Windowsreplaced by the app Devices Apple: in the code of this program they are mentioned xrOR e realityOStwo possible names for the operating systems of the Cupertino’s first AR/VR headset.

Apple devices, the Windows app confirms the arrival of xrOS and/or realityOS

L’app Apple devices will replace iTunes to sync and manage iOS devices and older iPods on Windows. The launch of Apple Music and Apple TV effectively ended the usefulness of iTunes except for Windows users, so Apple came up with a simpler app to manage devices.

In the code, there are mentions of realityOS and xrOS, which should be used to restore the firmware of a future Apple viewer not yet launched on the market. The first name incorporates some of the trademarks registered by Apple in recent months for its viewer: Reality One, Reality Pro e Reality Processor. The second instead comes from Bloomberg rumors, leaked last month, and refers to Apple’s “extended reality” that will combine VR and AR.

In reality, in all likelihood Apple is still deciding which name and which marketing strategies to implement with the new device: therefore it would have entered both nomenclatures just to be on the safe side.

According to a recent report by Apple expert Mark Gurman, Apple would like to launch its own viewer already in the spring of this year, prior to WWDC 2023. The headset should become the explosive announcement at a Mac showcase event.

During WWDC Apple will probably talk to i Apple programmers from all over the worldor to inspire them to create immersive applications for the device. Whether it will push them to code for xrOS or realityOS remains to be seen.