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The Apple viewer could have a battery life of only two hours

The autonomy of the new viewer from Apple might surprise, but not in a positive way: it seems that the Reality Pro battery will only last two hours. The latest rumors suggest limited autonomy, although Apple aims to make us wear the product all day.

The autonomy of the Apple viewer would be only two hours

Apple has always prided itself on the battery life of its products without having to sacrifice performance. But his first AR viewer, which should be called Reality Proit will only last for about two hours on a single charge.

Bloomberg expert, Mark Gurman, explains: “It will undoubtedly be a technological marvel and far more advanced than anything else on the market. But it will also be impractical and too expensive for most consumers. That’s because it will only last about two hours per charge, it won’t perform well outdoors, it will be launched with a limited range of content and will feature a design which some have found inconvenient.”

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Thankfully, The Information explains that it will have a waist-mounted battery that attaches via MagSafe to the headset. For all other products, Apple has designs that prevent easy removal of the batteries. But for Reality Pro, they should be easily replaceable.

Having replaceable batteries also gives Apple the ability to launch official headset accessoriesa new opportunity to earn with what promises to be the technological novelty of the year.

But for Gurman, the real novelty will be the change of strategy, focusing on an innovative product which, however, at least initially will be aimed at companies and developers, to build an ecosystem within a few years. As Gurman explains, “The headset will also mark a change in strategy for Apple. When it entered the previous categories – music players, phones, tablets and watches – there was already a general interest in the products. Apple’s goal was just to make something better and beat the competition.”

Will this new approach work, albeit with only two hours of battery life and a $3,000 price tag? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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