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For large green spaces, the Husqvarna CEORA robotic lawnmower is enough

Turfing golf courses or multiple soccer fields in a sports center is a full-time job. Finding the right proportions for irrigation, driving a large lawnmower around the field so that balls and balls run perfectly… However, automation is revolutionizing professional green care. Automated irrigation already makes a difference but the new Husqvarna CEORA robotic lawn mower takes the care of large green spaces to another level: it can mow fields up to 75 thousand square meters in optimal conditions, or manage smaller surfaces even every day with reduced times. All with autonomous and emission-free driving.

The green care of the future is already here, with CEORA from Husqvarna

Husqvarna has been offering a line of professional robotic lawnmowers for different needs. They range from products such as Automower 520, capable of covering an area of ​​up to 2,400 square meters, up to products such asAutomower 550 EPOSwhich covers up to 5,000 square meters and thanks to EPOS technology gives the possibility of creating virtual barriers, so that the robot only cuts certain areas, to ensure absolute customization of lawn mowing that you have to take care of.

Husqvarna CEORA robotic lawnmowers, however, they completely change the game. Until now, those who take care of the greenery of public parks, golf courses or sports facilities had only two options: buy an entire fleet of robotic lawnmowers to be strategically positioned or get on a lawn tractor and spend their days driving on the green.
Autonomy or coverage of large spaces: with the new CEORAs, Husqvarna aims at combine these two concepts for maximum convenience.

Quiet and emission-free

Husqvarna ceora professional robotic lawnmowers

Everything we knew about Husqvarna’s robotic lawnmowers holds true for CEORAs. A Quiet electric motor offers a professional level cutwithout polluting, while using the platform Husqvarna Fleet Services you can remotely manage the cutting of green spaces, even with l’app per smartphone.

Also in this case we find the EPOS proprietary technology, already operational on Automower 550 EPOS for over a year. So you can count on one accurate satellite navigationwhich allows you to locate virtual barriers without any effort. Also, you can determine work areas for maximum flexibility (for example, cutting the grass in the penalty area of ​​a soccer field in a different way or customizing the different areas of a golf course). There is also the ability to recognize and avoid objectswith the possibility of turning on the safety lights during the night to easily locate the machine in action.


You can determine movement paths, organize morning mows in parallel rows, specifying both the times and the height of the grass, between 20 and 70 mm. Gardening that otherwise would require hours of effort becomes simple and automatic: you are left with the design work, leaving the manpower to the Husqvarna robot.

Husqvarna CEORA, the ideal robotic lawnmower for large green spaces

The new Husqvarna professional robotic lawnmower has a modular design that includes a CEORA CS4 charging stationa cutting plate CEORA Razor 43M and then a transmission unit. Depending on the speed, you can choose between CEORA 544 EPOS, capable of covering up to 60 thousand square meters or one unit CEORA 546 EPOSwhich even covers up to 75 thousand square meters.

Ceora Husqvarna

This large coverage would otherwise only be attainable with large machines, often with diesel or petrol engines which not only have high emissions, but require the work of one or more operators and compact the soil a lot, given the great weight.

Quality of the cut

Depending on the green spaces to be managed and the goals you want to achieve, you can focus on different cutting qualities:

  • Professional Sport Quality: if you have to maintain sports or golf fields up to 25 thousand square meters, CEORA allows you to cut the grass every day to take care of even the thickest turf to perfection, maintaining the reduced height, ideal for sportsmen and women. Depending on the size of the field, you can choose between a CEORA or Automower mower.
  • Professional quality: for spaces up to 50 thousand square meters you can get professional cut quality with CEORA which operates every two days. Ideal for structures with high demands on the quality of the grass, with a turf of medium height and normal density.
  • Regular Quality Cut: for slow growing turf with high height and normal to low density, you can achieve a good quality cut with the robot passing the entire area – up to 75 thousand cadres – a couple of times a week.

Husqvarna ceora robot professional lawn mowers

These devices offer the possibility of significantly reducing the management costs of green carpets and thus being able to re-invest the technical staff in more professionalizing and quality maintenance work.

Finally, we point out that Husqvarna intends to create a wide range of accessories to be interchanged, making this robot multifunctional. Large green spaces have found an ally for today and tomorrow.

You can find more information on Husqvarna’s CEORA robotic lawnmowers on the official website, while at this address you can find the authorized dealer closest to you.

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