Le app che ci semplificano la vita: eccone 3 molto utili a chiunque

The apps that make our life easier: here are 3 very useful to anyone

What are the apps that make our daily life easier for us? Let’s discover three very useful to anyone with a smartphone.

The smartphone applications today they are really able to meet our every need, from the search for a means of transport passing through the control and payment of bills up to the memorization of passwords. There are several useful services that we can take advantage of thanks to our smartphone which has become a fundamental access door to have at our leisure. The mobile revolution has therefore provided all of us with a wide range of applications that can really make our lives easier: here are 3 really very useful ones.

Urban mobility apps

Finding your way around the streets of our city or any metropolis in Italy has never been easier. All thanks to apps like Moovit for example, which allows us to consult in real time the transit times of public transport from specific stops. Waiting times are therefore no longer unknown, as are the routes taken by buses. Of course, there are other very useful apps for getting around the city, such as Urbi and Carsh. The first focuses on all alternative mobility options, such as car sharing, taxis and bike sharing, while the second is a sort of container that includes all the most popular car sharing services to immediately find a free car.

The apps for bills

Managing and paying bills from smartphones is now possible thanks to the ease of use of the applications made available to consumers. To get an idea, just look at the operation of the Acea app, which gives anyone who subscribes to one of the electricity and gas offers proposed by this company the opportunity to take advantage of a series of very useful services. This kind of applications are simple to use: just activate the supply and create a user profile by providing some useful data for registering and paying bills, such as the references of your current account. But that’s not all because through access to the app it is also possible to check invoices and monitor consumption through very simple to read graphs.

Password apps

We all know that passwords are essential for the security of our accounts, as a single word is enough to open the doors of any online service to which we are subscribed. Precisely to lock that door it is always necessary to create secure passwords, which are often almost impossible to remember by heart. Well, this is where different applications for the management and storage of safety words. Passwords are then encrypted by these programs and saved on a secure server to be theft-proof. Any useful apps for this purpose? For example, we find the Google password manager and LastPass.

This is just a small selection of some of the most useful applications to download on our smartphones, but the choice is obviously subjective and depends on your needs.