La voce artificiale dell’AI: come il voice cloning sta cambiando la quotidianità thumbnail

The artificial voice of AI: how voice cloning is changing everyday life

The artificial voice of AI: how voice cloning is changing everyday life thumbnail

With AI becoming more and more an integral part of our daily lives, even the voice is finding its place within the complex algorithms of artificial intelligence. Today we are talking about the voice cloning and its applications.

What is Voice Cloning?

Voice cloning is essentially a technology that allows you to create a synthetic copy of a person’s voice. A sort of deep vocal fake, starting from an audio sample. In essence, AI is able to assimilate, learn, process and recreate the voice of a human being.

It therefore appears evident that a technology of this magnitude can have various applications (but also many controversial aspects). Voice cloning can be used for creating personalized voice assistants, dubbing movies and video games, or preserving cultural heritage.

Of course, as always, powerful technology in the wrong hands can cause a lot of damage. We have already told you about the numerous scams generated by voice AIs. But not only: think of the practically unlimited possibility of spreading fake news through false audiovisuals.

Top 7 Interesting Voice Cloning Applications: Giving AI a Voice

A recent study by Quest ITthe Sienese tech company that makes voice cloning the distinctive trait of its artificial humans equipped with AI, highlighted the seven most interesting uses of the technology in as many sectors:

  • Events: think of how many voices we have loved of people who have sadly disappeared. The voice of a historic commentator can be cloned to enrich an avatar capable of answering questions from the most curious on the occasion of local, national and international events.
  • Turismo: Masha is a latest generation artificial human enriched by the tone of voice of a professional in the tourism sector. This AI voice is able to organize a stay in a spa center down to the smallest detail

Masha AI voce voice cloning

  • Medicine: we had already talked about this topic here. By donating the voice it is in fact possible to lend one’s vocal timbre to patients suffering from limiting diseases from the communicative point of view. These can choose a human voice to attribute to their AIs, so as not to have to communicate through the aseptic robotic voices of dedicated programs.
  • Education: in the event of a professor’s physical absence, each course can be safely taught by his avatar which has the original voice of the natural person recognized by students and participants.
  • Games: voice cloning is the extra weapon of the latest generation of video games, whose characters, almost always mythological or taken from cartoons and cinematographic reproductions, can communicate thanks to the cloning of the voices of leading figures in the sector.
  • Banks: accessing your bank’s platform and carrying out specific operations will always be easier and more immediate thanks to the artificial consultants enriched by the voice of one of the flesh-and-blood consultants who guide customers step by step.
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