The Batman meets the Joker: released the cut scene from the movie

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A deleted scene from The Batman has been released, which sees the Dark Knight interrogating the Joker

The Batman (of which you can find our review here) has arrived in our rooms for 3 weeks today and its success is incredible. The film of Matt Reeves has earned over 600 million dollars globally, with the ambition of obtaining the second best collection in the Covid period, after the unattainable Spider-Man: No Way Home. While there are many iconic scenes in the dark knight cinecomic, it is one of those absent that has made the most talk among fans. I am obviously referring to the scene released yesterday, which sees the protagonist, played by Robert Pattinsonmeet the Joker of in Arkham Asylum Barry Keoghan. Let’s watch the scene together!

What do we see in the scene | The Batman meets Joker

The scene, which Matt Reeves had already announced before his release yesterday, takes place around the middle of the film. Batman is still a long way from catching theRiddler (Paul Dano) and to get to the bottom of the investigation he decides to turn to the sickest mind he knows. He then goes to Arkham Asylum to talk to the Joker who, as he himself admits, is locked up for a year within the institution. Batman asks the prisoner for an opinion on this killer who is terrorizing Gotham. “I want your perspective”, says to him. Joker, for the purposes of the investigation, does not appear fundamental, ending up more by teasing the protagonist rather than helping him. The peculiarity is that we never see the face of the villain clearly: it always appears blurred due to the glass of the cenna. The only time this doesn’t happen happens at the end, when the Joker approaches Batman, proudly displaying his face torn with scars.

Why was the scene cut?

Joker, in the final version of the film, “appears” only in the finale, when he finds himself as a cellmate the Riddler. This is not a real apparition, as we only glimpse the figure of the character and hear only the iconic laugh. Why didn’t we see this scene in the final version of the film? As the director himself confirmed, the appearance of such a recognizable characterin a film that is not actually his own, it would distract the viewer from the main storyline. The presence of the Joker in the middle of the film would therefore have weighed on the overall performance, as well as lengthening a film already 3 hours long by another 5 minutes. The scene is, however, goosebumps and gives us hope that the main villain of the sequel to The Batman is precisely the character played by Barry Keoghan.

The Batman meets the Joker: released the cut scene from the movie

What do you think of the scene where The Batman meets the Joker? Do you think it was to be included in the final version of the film? Do you think Joker will be the main villain of the sequel? Let us know yours in the comments!

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