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Apex Legends: Ribalta debuted on all console e PC featuring the new Seer Legend, Rampage LMG, Ranked Arenas, Worlds Edge map updates and more. The new Battle Pass will boast more rewards than ever.

Apex Legends Ribalta debuts on consoles and PC

In the video above you can take a first look at all new skins and ai styles available in the store. On top of that Respawn Entertainment has also released a post highlighting the changes coming to Apex Legends: Battle Pass Flip.

Instead, here are all the features available on Ribalta.

  • New Legend Seer: with microdrones and an artist’s eye, Seer identifies opportunities other Legends might miss. The eighteenth Legend who joined the Apex Games means that the roster of eight Legends, present at the launch of the game, is more than doubled and brings a series of unique skills to the arena.
    • Passive – King of hearts: Detect the heartbeats of nearby enemies when aiming down to get a clue to their location.
    • Tactics – Center of Attention: Summons microdrones to emit a delayed blast that passes through walls, silencing and revealing enemies.
    • Supreme – Exposure: creates a sphere of microdrons that reveals the footsteps of the enemies, who move quickly and shoot inside it.
    • Passive Class – Recognizer: Scanning the bearing signals reveals the position of the next circle.

Other news available on Ribalta

  • Map update: After months of harvester aggressive mining at World’s End, the earth is overwhelmed, overloaded and pushed to its limit. Hammond struggles to contain the damage caused by the machines that control atmospheric phenomena. The air conditioner quickly cools the surrounding area bringing it to temperatures below zero and a Lava Siphon stabilizes the crater.
  • New weapon – Rampage: the Rampage LMG explodes onto the scene as an alternative to heavy high-powered ammunition. The Rampage excels in mid-range combat, and its specially designed chamber allows you to reload a termite grenade to overclock the rate of fire.
  • Classified Arenas: With the arrival of Ribalta, Respawn introduces Ranked Arenas. Players start in 10 placement matches, in the course of which their performance determines both their marking rank and starting level. Arenas represent a head to head between two teams of three players.
  • New arenas to conquer: The rotation of the Arena map gets another update with three new points of interest that will alternate throughout the season. Among them we find Hillside, Dome and Oasis. to evolve.

For more information you can consult the official website.

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